Relief Agencies/Funds

Please note that many of these agencies are no longer accepting material or in-kind donations. Most are now only accepting financial donations.

American Red Cross
Austin Disaster Relief Network - Bastrop
Austin Disaster Relief Network - Leander
Austin Christian Fellowship
Austin Community Foundation Disaster Fund
Catholic Charities
Salvation Army
VFD Emergency Assistance Fund

Should my unit collect monetary donations?

In keeping with BSA policy, we prefer that units/district do not collect monetary donations. Please refer anyone who wants to make a monetary donation to the American Red Cross or Salvation Army.

Where can my unit drop off food/clothing/furniture donations?

FEMA Recovery Center
Bastrop High School Ninth Grade Academy
1602 Hill Street   Bastrop  78602
Open 9am-6pm Mon-Sat 

Central Texas Fire Relief Efforts

Scouting's Next Move?

We all watched wildfires affect lives, destroy homes and scorch public and private lands. In several instances, Scouting properties in different parts of the state also received significant damage from the fires. Many of our Scouts, volunteers and units immediately sprung into action, organizing relief drives to collect food, clothes and other goods for people who lost everything.

Now that units have finished this first wave of mobilization, they have been turning to council leadership and asking what Scouting can do next to help. In particular, there have been several inquiries about organizing some kind of service projects to help replant damaged state parks.

We are in the process of organizing the best way to move forward with this idea. The biggest challenge, however, may be patience. We must follow the lead of Texas Parks and Wildlife and the State Parks Service, and it may be months before those officials are able to assess not just the damage done to affected state parks but also formulate the best response to the damage. For example, in Bastrop State Park, the species of Loblolly Pine trees in the park are of a specific genetic makeup. Just rushing in and planting any Pine species may result in further damage to the native “Lost Pines” ecosystem. This also does not account for the fact that many damaged trees will need to be removed and the soil must receive some rain before any new planting can be attempted.


We are no longer accepting donations at the Fickett Center. We encourage you instead to try and take donations directly to the FEMA Recovery Center in Bastrop, located at the Bastrop High School Ninth Grade Academy (CLICK HERE for a map). The Recovery Center is open Monday-Saturday from 9am-6pm.