For Your Family

“…The teenagers who have come through this crew are amazing. They work hard, they play hard, and they always teach me something. Something about friendship, loyalty, honesty. Something about having a good attitude and it will carry you through anything… “
- Carol Swanson

“… I have watched other boys ’grow up’ in scouts and I have witnessed the power of strong adult leadership. The values Boy Scouts imprints on these young minds can never be replaced and is a safeguard in a world that is constantly vying for their attention with TV, video games and the soulless values of our material lifestyles.”
- Alisa Rayel

“Four years ago my son joined… as a Tiger Cub, and I volunteered to become assistant den leader. I was a little reticent to commit, since I have lots of work commitments, and I did not think I would enjoy camping much... Camping turned out to be great fun, and my son and I look forward to camping trips together. Now that he is a Webelo, we do the setup and takedown together, which gives me a totally new way to teach him about responsibility and teamwork.”
- Bill Broussard

Scouting is For Families Like Yours

The title of this section might confuse some parents. They have a picture of what they believe Scouting is all about… and that picture normally focuses only on a boy in uniform. It’s true that Scouting programs are focused on boys, but we want the whole family involved. Dads AND Moms can serve as leaders of Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops or Venture Crews. All we ask is that you take part in leadership and youth protection training that we provide. Young women 14-20 have an opportunity to explore in Venturing.

In short, Scouting makes families stronger. How? Consider these findings by the firm Louis Harris & Associates:

At least 90% of parents surveyed said that because of Cub Scouting, they share time with their sons by
  • Working on projects together 95%
  • Going places together 91%
  • Talking together 90%
Boy Scouting also provides structure to bring parents and boys together for projects and activities. 85% of teenagers in Venturing said they talked with their parents about things they learned in the program.

In the end, the most important part of Scouting projects and activities is not the projects or activities themselves – it is the valuable gift of time spent between a Scout and his or her parents.

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