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Join Scouting Night Information Boards

Using the items below and five tri-fold presentation boards you can build informational board for your upcoming recruitment. .

Step #1 - Print the files for each subject.  
These files are standard letter size and in full color.  All files are provided in PDF format, but some are also available in Word allowing unit specific additions.

Step #2 - View the SAMPLE file to see how to layout the board.  
Warning - SAMPLE files are low resolution and in wide format, please do not use these for your display.  The appearance will not be inviting to interested families.

Step #3 - Post on tri-fold presentation boards and have all they need to know up and ready for a great recruitment event. 

Informational Boards Materials:  

Who Are the Cub Scouts
SAMPLE          PDF Files
How Does the Program Work
SAMPLE          PDF Files      WORD Files
Join and Check Out
SAMPLE          PDF Files      WORD Files
Funding the Program
SAMPLE          PDF Files      WORD Files
SAMPLE          PDF Files