Changes to BSA's Youth Protection Rules

(UPDATED April 30, 2018)

As you may have heard, BSA has rolled out some new youth protection rules. The rules affect your BSA membership registration and your summer camp plans. We've tried to clarify a few points so as to give you the easiest-to-understand version of the message.

Let's start with the milestone coming up first: summer camp:

* (updated April 30, 2018) If your unit is going to a state-certified youth camp in Texas (every BSA camp in Texas is one of these) and you're going to camp overnight with your unit, then state law requires you to take BSA's Youth Protection Training. BSA's online version WILL satisfy state law - but you must have taken the new version on or after March 13, 2018. It's good for two years.

*  The following IS a change: effective immediately, BSA rules say any adult who is going to be in camp with your unit for a total of 72 hours or more (regardless of whether or not they're camping overnight) MUST register as an adult member of Scouting. This means filling out the adult application, paying the national registration fee, submitting to a criminal background check, and completing BSA's online youth protection training.

Now, here is the second milestone - recharter for year-end:

* There is a new version of BSA's online youth protection training. It's already available at When you log in, it's the only choice provided and is the same version linked to the big "youth protection begins with you" logo on the right side of the screen. EVERYONE has to take this by October 1, 2018. Anyone who doesn't take this by October 1 will not be able to recharter with their unit at the end of the year. This IS a change.

* Even if you have taken online youth protection and it's still within the two years before expiration - you have to take the new online version by October 1, 2018.

* The new version went live on February 3, 2018. So if you've taken YPT online since then, you're covered.

* As of right now, if you have taken the "face to face" in-person classroom training - even if you're taking it this year before camp - you STILL have to take the new online YP training by October 1, 2018 (yes, this means you will have taken the training twice).

* When you take the new online training, DO NOT try and skip directly to the test. You have to take part in all of the training modules. If you don't and just take the test, you will not get a certificate of completion and BSA will not update your training record. The training will take roughly an hour.

We've tried to boil this down, but if you would like to also review BSA's current information, you may find it HERE. You may also comment directly to BSA using the comment feature on the page found at this link.

If you have any questions, please contact your unit commissioner or district commissioner.