African-American Committee on Scouting

Chairman: Bobby Ray Williams (click to email)
Advisor: Will Gregorcyk (click to email)

Our council is proud to announce the formation of the African-American Committee on Scouting. Chairman Bobby Ray Williams looks forward to visiting with you about ways to help bring the Scouting program to more African-American youth and families in Central Texas.

Statement of Purpose

The African-American Committee on Scouting will assist in discharging the responsibilities with respect to providing the Scouting program to all youth within the territory of our council, including African-American youth at the same or higher percentage of other demographics of our community.

Composition and Structure

The committee shall consist of members who have influence and ability to support and expand Scouting in the African-American community.

Committee Duties

  • Assist all districts in our council with new unit organization by establishing relationships with African-American churches
  • Assist all districts in our council with identifying and recruiting African-American volunteers for all levels of service including unit, district and council
  • Support and assist our council in the transition of youth from paraprofessional-led Scouting units to volunteer-led Scouting units
  • Identify and facilitate financial resources to support Scouting in the African-American community
  • Provide feedback and suggestions to our council to help ensure its messages are adequately diverse in such a way that African-Americans are attracted to join Scouting
  • Support and participate in our council's strategic planning process to identify and implement unique steps to support Scouting within the African-American community, including those Scouts who are not in predominantly African-American units
  • Help maintain "diversity awareness" by our council
  • Serve as a means of communication between our council and the African-American community of Scouters and non-Scouters
  • Educate the African-American Scouting community about upcoming council events and encourage participation