"Step Up For Scouting" Resources

What is this page for?

Our goal is for this page to host all of the resources and materials you need to run a successful Step Up For Scouting (also known as Friends of Scouting) campaign within your unit.

If there's something you need that you don't find here, please let Tonya Coy know. You can reach her at tonya@coy.com or 512-848-0414.

As you probably know by now, the Step Up For Scouting campaign is critical to funding the overall support the Scouting program needs across our council's 15 county service area. Thank you for what you do to make it happen!

I'm just trying to donate online. Where is that?

Please visit www.stepupforscouts.org.

Resources, Tools, Etc. To Help your unit's campaign

If we're missing something you need, let Tonya know and we'll get it on here:
  • Testimonial and Explanatory videos

* Want to download either or both of these videos? Simply click this URL (https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=C2izX2XGs78) or copy and paste it into a browser window. You will be taken to a third party application called "SaveFromNet" where you will have the option of downloading the video in its original resolution or a lower resolution. Choose the "Download it free" link and you'll get a resolution that works great for social media or web use.

  • 2018 Pledge Card
* Pledge cards are available from your District Executive and should be returned to them within 48 hours after your presentation.

* Please help us reach our goal of obtaining a 100% response rate from every scouting family, board and staff member, as well as past friends of our scouting community.

* Please work to have all boxes on the pledge card filled out by the donor as we have added many new fields that will make our current and future Step Up For Scouts campaigns easier for donors, volunteers and staff.
  • Thank You gifts
* Ready at Roundtable the month following the end of your campaign

(2018 materials below coming soon)

Warm-up emails to prepare your unit for its presentation:

1. Here is suggested text you can use for each warm-up email (.doc file for each):

Email 1
Email 2
Email 3
Email 4
Email 5
Email 6
Email 7

1. There are specific images you can use in each email. Click the following links to access the images from our Flickr account:

Image A
Image B
Image C
Image D (Cub)
Image D (Boy Scout)
Image E
Image F
Image G

2. To download each image, click the "down arrow" icon on the screen in Flickr (see image below):

3. After you click the arrow to download, choose "original 1200x2000" size. Insert this image into the body of your email. When you send your email, the image will adjust to the proper size for your recipient.