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Council Guide to Conducting Events and Activities

June 22, 2021

Council-wide or district activities and events are permitted at council-owned facilities or other properties, pending approval from an application process. Multiple health and safety requirements must be met in order for an event to be approved. You may find all of these details in the Council Guide to Conducting Events and Activities.

Information sheet for council and district events
Information sheet for unit use of council property
History and reference for the guide

Any event must be approved by our council Executive Board’s VP-Program:

Each event MUST have a dedicated Covid-19 Safety Officer

  • Approved and trained by the VP-Program
  • Has the authority to remove anyone from the event for refusing to follow the guidelines
  • Has the authority to shut down the event
  • May not be the Event Medic
  • Covid-19 Safety Officer training is free and held virtually

Event check-in and registration forms

Event forms

Program-specific procedures

Shooting sports
DOK’s Tower

Examples of unit-level guidelines

  • If your unit decides to create its own guidelines beyond council recommendations, make sure you review them with your chartering organization

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