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Adventure Boxes

Advancement, Made Easy

We want to make your life a little easier and keep your Cub Scouts earning Adventures and moving ahead through the program. To do this, we’re offering what we call the Adventure Box – a curated collection of instructions and materials conveniently delivered to you.

There is a box for every Cub Scout rank, containing activities to help a Scout earn the rank for their grade level. Each box costs $50, which includes all materials and shipping.

Cub Scout ranks match different grade levels:

  • Lion = Kindergarten
  • Tiger = First Grade
  • Wolf = Second Grade
  • Bear = Third Grade
  • Webelos = Fourth Grade
  • Arrow of Light = Fifth Grade

You can order a box for one Scout or for your whole den or pack:

  • If you are ordering with delivery to just one location, you may click the order button below to make your purchase.
  • If you want to place one order to ship boxes to several Scouts in your pack, contact [email protected] to arrange the order details.

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NOTE: the last day to order 2021 Adventure Boxes/add-ons/Nova Award materials is October 29, 2021.


Earn your 2021 Adventure Box

From June 11 through December 31, 2021, Scouts can participate in the online popcorn program and pay for their own Capitol Area Council Adventure Box with their earned commission.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Create a Scout Trail’s End account through our special program
  2. Adds a personal message or video to explain what you are working towards
  3. Share your site with text, email and, family social media

Click here for further information and how to get started.


Frequently asked:

What is an Adventure Box?

  • Rank-specific curated program
  • A box offered for each Cub Scout rank
    • Activities needed to complete all requirements and elective for rank
  • Combination of activities, short videos, worksheets
  • Self-directed activities
  • Materials needed to complete the adventures
  • Videos are on our council’s YouTube channel (private playlists)
  • CyberChip is included for each box


Where are Adventure Box activities completed?

  • At organized den meetings
  • At home as part of a virtual den meeting
  • At home as an individual or family activity

A combination of attending meetings and completing activities at home for missed meetings

NOTE: If activities are completed as an individual or family activity, you’ll need to report what you’ve accomplished to your Scout’s Den Leader or Cubmaster in order to earn the advancement.


What is inside an Adventure Box?

  • Bound workbook listing activities and including directions and materials you need from home
  • All supplies and materials to complete craft activities that aren’t commonly available at home
  • URLs to access our council’s YouTube playlists for curated short videos to support the learning objectives (this is to supplement the written instructions; you don’t have to have online access to complete the activities)
  • Pages in the workbook to organize and show your work

What is not inside an Adventure Box?

  • A few electives require swimming or camping; you’ll need to complete these with your own resources
  • Tools and supplies that most families have at home, such as:
    • Glue and tape
    • Crayons, markers, colored pencils, pens, pencils
    • Basic tools for woodworking projects (hammer, saw, screwdriver)
    • Perishable goods needed to complete cooking requirements
  • Virtual den leaders and pack meetings (you must provide your own adult leadership)


What are the advantages of ordering/using an Adventure Box?

  • Reduces the planning time for Den Leaders
  • Eliminates shopping for supplies
  • Easy for Scouts who can’t attend a meeting to complete the activities as they are able
  • Advancement and fun activities can continue if Den Leader or Scouts become sick or quarantined
  • Scouts joining later in the year can catch up on missed activities
  • Scouts with short attention spans can complete activities at their own pace outside of your meetings
  • Highly motivated Scouts have opportunity to complete adventures not included in your meetings


  • Boxes are $50 each (one box serves one Scout)
  • Cost includes shipping, bound workbook, and supplies
  • Cost is about $5 per month per Scout for the program year
  • Cost is about the same as you’d spend or charge in dues to purchase supplies yourself

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