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Webelos Extreme Adventure Camp

Now a part of Summer Adventure Camp


Webelos Extreme Adventure Camp is now part of Outdoor Overnight Adventure at Lost Pines Scout Reservation!

The program track for Webelos Scouts (4th and 5th grade Cub Scouts) and their parent/guardian will continue to give Scouts and parents a glimpse of the fun they will experience in a Scouts BSA Troop. Meals, ceremonies, and other common events will take place with the other Cub Scout campers during the camp session.

Webelos will work in patrols (that’s a smaller group of 8-10 Scouts that make up a part of a Scouts BSA Troop) as they participate in a wide range of activities. This will give your Scout a chance to begin practicing leadership skills while taking turns leading his or her patrol. Patrol competition encourage, team work and FUN!