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Fall Minicamp: Return to the Pines

We’re celebrating the reopening of our camp properties with a special minicamp, Return to the Pines, at Lost Pines Scout Reservation on November 22-24, 2020!

Scouts will be able to do the adventure-based in-person activities they love, including:


Shooting Sports

  • Rifle Shooting merit badge
  • Shotgun Shooting merit badge


  • Fishing merit badge
  • Forestry merit badge
  • Chemistry merit badge
  • Space Exploration merit badge
  • Astronomy merit badge


  • Cooking merit badge
  • Camping merit badge
  • Wilderness Survival merit badge
  • First Aid merit badge
  • Orienteering merit badge
  • Geocaching merit badge
  • Pioneering merit badge
  • Emergency Preparedness merit badge

Living History

  • Basketry merit badge
  • Cycling merit badge
  • Indian Lore merit badge
  • Leatherwork merit badge
  • Metalwork merit badge
  • Signs Signals & Codes merit badge
  • Woodcarving merit badge


Plus ATV!


Camp Details:

  • The cost for this camp is $225 per youth and $100 per adult.
  • Registration works like Winter or Summer camp; each Scouts BSA Troop needs to first reserve a campsite (see button below or link in the “Quick Links” section of this page). The registration form is a fillable PDF that you may email or fax; you may also print the form and mail a hard copy.
  • After you’ve submitted a troop campsite reservation, you’ll receive a message with the link to register your Scouts for merit badge classes.
  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions, capacity is limited to 120 Scouts total.
  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all troops must provide their own tents.
  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all tents must be single occupancy.
  • We unfortunately cannot accommodate Provisional Scouts for this event.
  • Leaders must be present for the entire camp; no partial week adults.


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