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Service Projects

Doing Good Deeds

Service is one of the most important values we have in Scouting. The Scout Oath calls on us all to “help other people at all times.” The Scout Law says a Scout is Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind. These are maybe the most important ideas a young person takes away from their time in our program, no matter how long they’re with us.


Do you want Scouts to help you?

We’re honored you thought of us, and if there is a way our Scouts can help they’ll be happy to do so. Here are a few notes on what we do with all service requests:

  • Each individual Scout unit in each neighborhood or community works independently; we don’t just call or email them and say, “here’s a project you need to do.” They all have their own calendars and may already have service projects they support where they live.
  • We do have an email list to promote service opportunities to our Scout units. Fill out the form below and we’ll share the information you provide to our units. If one or more is interested/available in your service project, they will contact you directly. Please do not contact our office asking for the status of any volunteers for your project.

Scout Service Request

  • Describe in detail the service you're requesting. Include contact information (if different from above), date, time, location, and anything else a Scout unit would need to know. We will use this information in the email we send to our members.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Are you a Scout looking to help someone?

You can find project ideas by visiting Visit the site and search by community or project type to find an opportunity near you.

Still need help finding ideas for a service project?

If you’re looking for ideas for a service project you haven’t done before – or maybe want to start doing as an annual tradition – here are some ideas. Remember, though: if you charge money for any of these you’re not providing service, you’re conducting a fundraiser:

Food – Food Collection

Food – Meal Delivery

Food – Food Serving

  • Groups like Salvation Army, Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Angel House Soup Kitchen, and Carnitas all offer free meals but need volunteers to help serve. See for groups and links.
  • Some nursing homes need help serving food and visiting with home bound residents.
  • Helping serve food at a church, community, district or council event can all count for service hours.

Shelter – Home Building

Shelter – Personal Care Collection

Shelter – Blanket Collection

  • Almost all natural disaster centers, homeless shelters, and animal shelters need basic, clean blankets.
  • Consider making or decorating blankets to give to children’s hospitals or homeless shelters.

Shelter – School Supply Collection

Shelter – Book/Magazine Drive

Healthy Living – Blood Drive

Healthy Living – Fun Run/Walk/Hike/Etc.

  • Hosting or helping host any fun run/walk/hike/ride, etc.
  • Serving water or fruit at such an event
  • See for a list of these in your area

Healthy Living – Bike Safety Event

Healthy Living – Tree Planting

  • Hosting or helping host a tree, shrub or native plant planting
  • Serving water or fruit or manning check-in at such an event
  • Planting trees or shrubs as part of a community project (planting a tree in your yard does not count)
  • If you want to plant local, consider planting around your neighborhood through a program with your HOA or Neighborhood Association.
  • Consider planting anything at your local camps – contact [email protected]
  • See,,

Healthy Living – Litter Cleanup/Beautification

  • Hosting and helping host a litter or ecosystem cleanup.
  • Any amount of cleanup or beautification, which can include picking up trash, removing exotic or encroachment flora or fauna, clearing overgrown areas, putting in recreation items or habitat improvement.
  • Consider working at any public park or one of our camps.


  • Teaching merit badges at council or district level
  • Serving as a NOVA or SuperNOVA mentor to other unit
  • Serve as a Distinguished Conservation Award Advisor
  • Serve as an Eagle Advisor or District Advancement Chair


Record your service hours!

No matter whom or how you help, make sure your report your service hours so they will count towards your “Journey to Excellence” (or JTE) score. JTE is a self-evaluation tool that lets unit leaders see, quantitatively, how well their unit is meeting the goals of Scouting. To reach JTE “Gold” status (that’s the best), Cub Scout Packs and Sea Scout Ships must report four service projects each year. Scouts BSA Troops and Venturing Crews must report six service projects each year.

Here’s what to do:

Record service hours performed by your unit or from Eagle Scout projects completed by Scouts in your unit using Internet Advancement. Here are step by step instructions:

1. Log in to

2. Report unit or individual community service

units can report unit service by clicking the “Activities” button in Internet Advancement and clicking the “+” button

individuals can report service activity by accessing their activity log in Scoutbook and clicking the “CREATE OR JOIN” button

3. Eagle candidates click the “edit” button when their project has been completed. Then, click “save.” The leader will see the activity to be approved in the “Pending Items” in Internet Advancement. Once approved, the Eagle project information will be automatically pulled from the entry when the Eagle candidate generates their Eagle Application in Scoutbook.

CLICK HERE for these same instructions (with screenshots) from the national advancement committee