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Eclipse Over the Pines - October 14, 2023

On October 14, 2023, Central Texas will experience an Annular Eclipse around midday. In celebration of this unique event, Lost Pines Scout Reservation will host both a Cub Scout and a Scouts BSA event. At both events, Scouts from across the country will join to watch the sun nearly disappear behind the moon and then reappear.

What is an Annular Eclipse?

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon cast a shadow on the Earth by moving between the Sun and the Earth. Solar eclipses are rare because the moon actually circles the Earth in an elliptical path, which means the moon can end up too high, too low or too far to either side to ask a complete shadow. Additionally, the Earth moves around the sun in an elliptical path also, which means it also can end up a bit too high or two low for the moon to line up correct to cast a shadow. It is only when both paths line up exactly right do we get an eclipse visible at a location on Earth.

Remember how the moon moves in an elliptical path? This means that sometimes the moon is closer to the Earth and sometimes it is farther away. An Annular Eclipse is when the moon is farther away from the Earth.  The term Annular mean ring, and and Annular Eclipse is sometimes called a “Ring of Fire”.

Check out this video to learn more about Annular Eclipses

Eclipse over the Pines – STEM and Conservation Awards Weekend (Scouts BSA)

In honor of the Annular Solar Eclipse, STEM Adventure Weekend and Conservation Awards Weekend have teamed up have an eclipse viewing merit badge event. This event will have more than 40 different STEM and Conservation related merit badge classes and activities lead by expert instructors in each area. Scouts BSA Scouts and Scouters can come view an Annular Eclipse while enjoying a picnic lunch on the parade ground, and in the times outside of the eclipse Scouts can earn up to four merit badges during the weekend.

Lost Pines Scout Reservation

Dates and Time

  • Check in opens at 6:00om, October 13
  • Eclipse begins at 10:24am, October 14
  • Maximum Eclipse at 11:55am, October 14
  • Eclipse ends at 1:33pm, October 14
  • Check out ends at 1:00pm, October 15

Participants will receive all class supplies, solar viewing glasses, special edition event padfolio and event patch. T-shirt and other event specific items open for online sales on August 1, 2023.

Leaders Guide will be available on August 1, 2023.

Class sign up

  • Pre-registration/Early Bird pricing from May 4, 2023, to July 24, 2023.
  • Registration will temporarily close on July 24. Pre-registered participants can select classes from July 24-31.
  • Registration with class selection will reopen at regular pricing on August 1.
  • Registration will close October 11.

Options and Pricing


Cub Eclipse over the Pines – A Galactic Event

Calling all Padawans for a Star Wars-themed galactic event October 14 2023: Cub Eclipse Over the Pines!

Our council is holding a day event to view the partial solar eclipse at Camp Tom Wooten in Bastrop. Come dressed as your favorite Star Wars character and enjoy a day of fun, galactic-themed activities: shooting sports, crafts, STEM, eclipse activities, and mine for “kyber crystals.” This a family friendly event so bring the entire family!

There are two participation options: you can come just for the day from 9am-4pm OR camp overnight Saturday and participate in some fun nighttime activities. Please bring a lunch for Saturday as lunch will not be served. For those camping Saturday night dinner and breakfast will be provided.


In a Galaxy Far, Far Away (also known as Cub World at Lost Pines Scout Reservation)

Dates and Time

  • Check in opens at 8:00 am, October 14
  • Eclipse begins at 10:24 am, October 14
  • Maximum Eclipse at 11:55 am, October 14
  • Eclipse ends at 1:33 pm, October 14
  • Day only event option ends at 4:00 pm, October 14
  • Overnight event option ends at 11:00 am, October 15

All participants will receive all event supplies, solar viewing glasses and event patch. T-shirt and other event specific items open for online sales on August 1, 2023.

Options and Pricing