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Innovation Design Challenge

Scouts participating in the Innovation Design Challenge are asked to think of an idea for an app that helps solve a local or worldwide sustainability problem. Youth will then use the App Lab to learn to design apps (often after being introduced to coding through the Hour of Code event). Scouts whose app designs are chosen to participate in the challenge’s pitch event will make a presentation to top technology leaders from the Austin area and compete to win between $500-$3000 for their unit.

Why participate in this event?

Tomorrow’s leaders must understand how to program computers and other smart devices. Through the Scout Innovation Design Challenge, you will learn what is required to create an innovative solution and how to invent, innovate and implement an idea that improves your community.

What will Scouts do at this event?

  • Use creative strategies to develop solutions that focus on a UN Sustainable Development Goal
  • Understand what it means to create value and how it is measured
  • Learn how to effect change through risk-taking
  • Practice failing and to view failure as growth
  • Use computer science/engineering strategy to develop a project
  • Asses and modify the project through testing and the design process
  • Present their project and finding to their community

Dates for the next available evenbt have not yet been announced.

You can learn much more about the Innovation Design Challenge by visiting our council’s STEM/Nova Committee’s website (link below).