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CAC Shooting Sports Committee

The committee consists of:

  • Chair – Bill Bryson at
  • Chief Range Safety Officer – Bill Agnell at
  • Any NRA Training Counselors Active in Council Training
  • Any National Camp School Shooting Sports Director
  • NRA Instructors who head sub-committees or assist in training instructors at Council sponsored firearms courses.

Liaisons from Each Council District

and the chair of the camping committee, L.P.S.R. ranger, the Council Director of Support Service.

District Liaison Role

The district liaison is someone who is active in their district and in the shooting sports. The liaison should also be an NRA Instructor. In cases where there is not an NRA Instructor willing to assume the liaison position, an interested scouter, who is active in shooting sports can fill the role. The district liaison promotes shooting sports in the district. The liaison helps units that do not have their own instructor or range safety officer locate one, first within the district and then from the council. The liaison is a member of the Council Shooting Sports Committee.