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2020 Cub Scout Day Camp

Our Day Camp team has put together three fun and engaging programs, available on-demand at a time that best works with your schedule. We mail a «camp box» of supplies to your home for your child to use with all of the activities.

Parents are sending in reviews of our program and materials:

“Oh my gosh! I am so amazed and impressed at the quality of our virtual day camp and videos, the creativity of the activities, and how easy the program is to follow. THANK YOU SCOUTS!”

«I received the box today, and it is, quite frankly, amazing. My daughter is so excited about all of the different things in there and has already loved paging through the handbook. Very well done to all involved!»

ANY CHILD MAY ATTEND! You do not have to be a Scout to sign up.

Sign up for any of these programs and you’ll also receive a voucher to attend our fall Shooting Sports Day and test your BB and archery skills! The program themes are:

Option 1: «Great Outdoor Adventure» (content now live; available all summer)
Option 2: «Weird Science» (content available July 6)
Option 3: «Under the Stars» (content available July 27)

Here’s a sample of an activity from our second session, «Weird Science» – click to see

  • Each option is $50 per Scout/child
  • All options offer 4+ hours of virtual Scouting activities each day for 5 days
  • All options include materials we will provide for camp activities
  • All options include physical activities, nature and outdoors, community service, learning to cook, crafts, health and safety
  • Learn more by viewing this flyer

What happens if you want to sign up for a week that’s already passed?

Not a problem! The on-demand camp content is available all summer long. When you receive your camp box in the mail, your child can get started – no matter when they start!

Want to bulk register/order for an entire den or pack? Email Morgan Baxter to make arrangements.