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STEM Scouts

Join Virtual STEM Scouts!

STEM Scouts is a pilot program of Boy Scouts of America that helps young people grow in character and skills as they explore their curiosity in STEM & STEM Careers. This year, our program has gone virtual! LIVE or ON-Demand instruction and materials delivered to your door.

Attend our parent information sessions! Every Tuesday at 5:30pm. RSVP now.


Virtual STEM Scouts Program!

Our Program

Elementary School Topics (3-5 grade topics)

  • It’s Not Magic, It is Magnets
  • Under Your Skin (Anatomy)
  • Animation
  • Meet Your Earth (Earth Science)
  • Reaching for the Stars (Astronomy)

Middle School Topics (6-8th grade)

  • Mobile APPventures
  • That’s Show Business, Baby! (Film/TV)
  • Animation
  • Simple Machines
  • Electrical Engineering (Snap Circuits)

Choose Your Meeting Time:

  • Tuesday 4:30pm CST
  • Tuesday 5:30pm CST
  • Wednesday 4:30pm CST
  • Wednesday 5:30pm CST
  • Thursday 4:30pm CST
  • Thursday 5:30pm CST
  • Saturday 10am CST
  • Saturday 12pm CST

Choose Your Start Date:

  • September 26th
  • October 26th
  • December 7th
  • January 25th
  • February 22nd

Have questions? Join us for our Parent Information Sessions every Tuesday at 5:30pm CST starting September 8.

Contact [email protected]