Popcorn Help

There are many resources available to you to make sure any popcorn questions you have may be answered.

Trail’s End Resources:

Training Videos

Live Q&A Webinars (starting July 16)

Trail’s End Popcorn Community Facebook

Trail’s End Support


Capitol Area Council Resources:

CAC Popcorn Website

-Popcorn Guidebook-under the Quick Links on the popcorn website

Zoom Office Hours-dates listed below, all office hours are 6pm-7pm

  • July 19-focus on Storefront Selections
  • August 22-focus on Unit Orders
  • September 10-focus on Distribution Day
  • September 19-focus on Storefronts
  • October 18-focus on Transfers and Returns
  • November 1-focus on “Big Final Day” and Returning Products

-Your District Executive-not sure who they are? Click here for the Staff Directory.