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Cub Scouts

Prepared for life

Boys and girls join Cub Scouting because they want to have fun! This is a year-round program involving parents, guardians, and families. There are no paid leaders; everyone volunteers in some way. Cub Scout Packs may be boy-only, girl-only, or a combination.


For boys and girls in Kindergarten through Grade 5 and their families.

  • Cub Scouts participate in programs that build character, encourage mental and physical fitness, and teach the importance of cooperation, citizenship, and responsibility.
  • Adult volunteer leaders within each local Cub Scouts Pack plan the yearly calendar.
  • Cub Scouts and their families participate in activities outlined in grade level handbooks that help the Scout earn a different “rank” each year.

I’m familiar with Cub Scouts; I just need to know where there’s a Cub Scout Pack near me. Where can I find that information?

Visit (this is a separate Boy Scouts of America website) and type in your address. You’ll get a map showing you Cub Scout Packs near you, with contact information for the local leaders. You can follow up with them directly on joining their pack.

I don’t know much about Cub Scouts. Can you help me understand the basics and sign up?

This 3 minute video is a good place to start; it has answers to five commonly asked questions by new Cub Scout families:

So, to review, Cub Scout programs and activities include:
  • Monthly pack gatherings/activities
  • Additional smaller group gatherings to earn awards/learn new things
  • Camping (accompanied by a parent)
  • The Pinewood Derby
  • Service projects

Cost to join: if you join September 1, you pay $47 (pro-rated $22 membership fee for the final four months of 2020 + $25 one-time new member fee).

Ready to join? Great!