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Extensions for Quartermaster rank and Venturing Summit Award

Effective January 1, 2021, there is a new two-step extension process for the Quartermaster rank and Venturing Summit Award, mirroring the process for the Eagle Scout rank:

  • In the first step, the Scout, parent, and the district in which the Scout’s unit resides submit a written request to our council. Our council has authority to approve extension requests for up to six months. The request can be for any reason, including Covid-19.
  • If the request is for more than six months, our council will deny the request and the Scout, parent, and district must submit an appeal to the Boy Scouts of America national council. This is the second step and is needed only if the request is for more than six months. Only the national council can approve extensions longer than six months.
  • To see this policy information on the national Boy Scouts of America website, click here

Also: until further notice, BSA will accept electronic or digital signatures for youth applicants and unit approvals on these award applications. This includes printing out the application document, signing it with a pen, scanning/taking a picture, and sending via email or other appropriate communication platform to the next person for signature.

To request an extension that would give a Scout more time to complete award requirements, please:

1) complete the BSA form “Request for Extension of Time to Earn Eagle Scout Rank”

2) submit the completed form to the Fickett Center by:

  • Attaching an electronic copy to an email to (this is preferred and will guarantee the fastest possible reply to your request)
  • Dropping off a physical copy addressed to Ms. Smeaton in the brown mailbox on the north side of the Fickett Center parking lot, or
  • Mailing to Capitol Area Council BSA / attn: Eagle Processor, 12500 North IH 35, Austin, Texas, 78753

3) register as an adult member of Scouting (upon your 18th birthday):

  • Fill out the adult application and background check form and select UP as the position code
  • Complete BSA Youth Protection Training at
  • Scan your completed application, background check form, and certificate proving you completed Youth Protection Training to your troop’s Chartered Organization Representative (your Scoutmaster or Committee Chair can help with this if you have questions)
  • You do not have to pay a new adult membership fee
  • Your Chartered Organization Representative will sign, scan, and email your documents to our Registrar, or print, sign, and mail your documents to Capitol Area Council BSA, attn: Registrar, 12500 North IH 35, Austin, TX, 78753