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Religious Awards Program

Religious Awards Program

Scouting’s religious awards program gives young people a chance to explore their faith – or gain better cultural understanding by being introduced to another’s teachings. Each of the more than 75 religious awards has a curriculum created by the leaders of each particular denomination – not the Boy Scouts of America.

Scouts can get started by purchasing the booklet for the award of their chosen faith, then meeting with their religious leader. Please note that some churches may not be aware of this outstanding program, and will need time to research it. Adults must be nominated for these awards, by virtue of their outstanding service to the youth of the respective faith.

The program is always growing. Click here to learn more about it, including the latest list of religious awards recognized by the Boy Scouts of America.

Would you like to have someone do a presentation on Scouting’s religious awards program at your unit’s meeting? Just fill out the following form to contact our council’s Chaplain’s Program.