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Charter Partner Update

updated September 8, 2022

Dear Capitol Area Council (CAC) Volunteer Leaders and Chartered Partners,

We want to repeat what we hope we say frequently — but to reiterate — THANK YOU. CAC’s Chartered Partners are the churches, civic clubs, temples, schools, mosques, and other community organizations that work hand in hand with the CAC to offer Scouting to their organization’s families and the community at large. The Chartered Partner relationship has been one of the foundations of the Boy Scouts of America since it was founded in 1910. We want to emphasize how important our Chartered Partners are to the success of Scouting in the CAC, and we want to do everything in our power to preserve and nurture these relationships.

Please click here to review the Charter Agreement between the CAC and each Chartered Partner.

Any Scouting leader who is registered to a Chartered Organization that is considering changing its relationship with the Scouting unit should immediately contact Scout Executive, Jon Yates, at 512-617-8613 or

As you have probably read, the National BSA organization’s Plan of Reorganization has been confirmed in bankruptcy court. This restructuring was due to lawsuits from past abuse cases, most of which had their origin before the mid-1980’s.

In the 1980’s, the BSA introduced a robust Youth Protection Program intended to address the issues stemming from people who committed acts of abuse against young people and prevent any such instances from happening again. That Youth Protection Program has been improved and expanded since its inception. Today, BSA’s Youth Protection program is considered one of the best, if not the best, of any youth serving organization.

Please click here to review the BSA Youth Protection Program

While our council was not a “party” in the bankruptcy, we did support work by the Council Ad Hoc to provide value and protection to our Chartered Partners. Here is some information that you may not have received from your national organization:

Current Liability Insurance Policy from BSA for Chartered Partners (Click here) – There has been some miscommunication that BSA does not currently have liability insurance for its chartered partners. BSA does provide liability insurance for Chartered Partners.

Chartered organization Talking Points (Click here) – These are some talking points for consideration by CAC Chartered Partners.

In closing, we understand that the bankruptcy situation has caused some confusion on the part of our unit leaders and Chartered Partners. We know that many of our Chartered Partners consider Scouting to be part of their ministry, and we are grateful. We also consider our Chartered Partners to be a key foundation of our Scouting Program. We are steadfastly committed to continuing our work together to serve young people with a Scouting Program that makes a positive difference in their lives.

Yours in Scouting,

Jack Gindler, Council President
Kuruvila Mani, Council Commissioner
Jon Yates, Scout Executive