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Say YES to Scouting Video Challenge

What is it?

This is a contest to help show all of Central Texas what Scouting is really about. Our Scouts are out in the community doing service projects, camping, fishing, and going on fun adventures; this is your chance to capture those adventures and share them with us! By submitting your video, you’ll help promote Scouting and be entered into a raffle taking place in August-October 2021.

How do we create a video?

Using your smart phone, take a video of something exciting happening in your Scout unit. Remember to start off your video with:

  • “This is why I say yes to Scouting” or
  • “This is why our family says YES to Scouting”

The rest of your video should be candid footage of your Scouts doing something fun and exciting. Did they go to Lost Pines and experience the climbing tower, or learn how to swamp a canoe? Have they become an expert at the shooting sports range? Was there a great campfire program filled with energy and laughter? Are you proud of a service project that you think everyone should see? Capture one of these moments with your smartphone and share it with us.

What are the guidelines?

  • Videos may include music, text, voice overs, or any other elements that you think will show off Scouting!
  • These are short snippets of Scouting; videos should not be longer than 30 seconds.
  • Your video could be the first time someone sees a Scout in action; make sure it is fun, exciting, and in line with the Scout Oath and Law.
  • All content should abide by the guidelines in the Guide to Safe Scouting.
  • Smartphones should be held horizontally (side to side), not vertically (up and down), to achieve 16:9 composition.
  • If using font, all fonts must comply with BSA brand standards, with can be found in the BSA Brand Guide.

How do I enter?

Sometime between August and October 2021:

  1. Post the video on your personal Facebook account and tag our council account (@capitolareacouncil)
  2. Upload your video to our website using the form below

Say YES to Scouting

  • Provide a link from the Facebook post of your video
  • Accepted file types: mp4, wmv, mov, Max. file size: 50 MB.

How do I win?

  • You get one raffle entry for every video entered (video must meet guidelines stated on this page)
  • We will conduct a raffle drawing twice a month between August and October 2021
  • Raffle winners will be announced after each drawing on this page and our council’s Facebook page


Please email [email protected].