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“Active citizens are aware of and grateful for their liberties and rights. They participate in their governments by voting in elections, attending public hearings, serving on juries, and paying taxes. They protect freedom, help defend our country, and stand up for individual rights on behalf of all U.S. citizens.”

As noted in this passage from the introduction to the Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge pamphlet, we all have responsibilities as citizens of our nation. One of those responsibilities is taking part in the U.S. Census and helping our leaders to make the best possible decisions about where to place resources and funding to deliver important services and support for our communities.

During August, our council is promoting participation in the Census and encouraging Scout units across our 15 counties to do the same so people in their towns and communities will be counted.

What can your unit do?

Creatively spread the word about the Census by:

  • making and displaying posters/signs at local grocery stores, parks, community spaces (ask for permission first)
  • writing and submitting a short article to your local neighborhood newsletter, newspaper, church bulletin, etc.
  • producing a short video and posting it on social media platforms using #ScoutingTheCensus
  • organizing a car parade in your neighborhood with posters on your cars asking people to participate in the Census

For more information, including a snapshot of how counties in our council have responded to the Census so far, please click here to look at information gathered by local Census employees.

Don’t forget to record your service hours!

Time your Scouts spend on the #ScoutingTheCensus service project can help them advance in rank and help your unit reach Journey to Excellence Gold status. Click here to learn more about Journey to Excellence and how to record your unit’s hours.