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Adult Required: STEM Scouts

Adult Training Courses: STEM Scouts

No STEM Scouts Lab Manager (the lead adult volunteer leader) wants to let down the STEM Scouts in their Lab (a group of 15-20 STEM Scouts). Wouldn’t it be great if you could have fun and know what you’re doing? You can, if you get trained!


Required STEM Scouts Courses


I’m a Lab Manager – what’s required to be “100% trained”?

  1. Youth Protection Training
  2. Lab Manager Training


Youth Protection Training – The Boy Scouts of America places the greatest importance on creating the most secure environment possible for our youth members. Every adult must be current in Youth Protection Training (sometimes called “YPT” for short).

    • You may take Youth Protection Training in a self-paced online course through the Boy Scouts of America’s national web training center called
    • The training must be renewed every two years.
    • If you still feel like you’re not sure what Youth Protection Training is, visit this page for a little more information.

Lab Manager Training – This course provides STEM Scouts Lab Managers and Associate Lab Managers with an introduction to everything you need to know about being a Lab Manager or Associate Lab Manager, from planning each week’s meeting with fun, hands-on activities and more. It won’t answer every single question you have, but it’s a great start. You’ll cover:

  • The Objectives of STEM Scouting – Prepare our youth to lead in STEM fields by providing re-imagined creative ways to learn about STEM through outreach, after-school labs, and mentoring from STEM Professionals.
  • Lab meeting structure and tips for successfully directing youth
  • Being Prepared – An introduction to the STEM Scouts “kit” containing everything needed to teach a 6 week hands-on STEM module.
  • The on-line “portal” helps you manage the lab and communicate with the families – providing Lab Leader guides for each module, Scout rosters, and tools to help with scheduling, calendar and shipping.
  • STEM Scouts activities throughout the year, even summer STEAM day camps!
    • The course is offered to all new lab leaders, typically at the beginning of Fall or Spring semester. The STEM Executive will schedule a custom date and time to meet with you and administer the training.
    • Training is face-to-face, typically at the beginning of the Fall or Spring semester, conducted by experienced lab leaders.
    • Lab Manager Training does not expire.
    • The STEM Executive will schedule a custom date and time to meet with you and administer the training. Please complete the form below to notify the STEM Executive:

STEM Scouts Lab Manager Training Request

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    In case your first date request is not available