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Driver Improvement Program

Accidents are quite rare in Scouting. But when one does occur, it probably didn’t happen while camping. It likely didn’t involve backpacking, canoeing or climbing, either. The majority of Scouting accidents happen on the way to or from Scouting activities. They happen on the road.

As a Scout leader responsible for driving Scouts or Venturers to Scouting activities, you should do all you can to be a safe driver. That means requiring seat belt use, never texting while driving and obeying local traffic laws.

The latest step in that preparation: The Hartford Driver Improvement Program (also referred to as “Drive Safely”). The course is free, requires no advance registration, and can be completed online in about 35 minutes. Once you finish, you’ll get a completion certificate, and your official BSA training record will be updated.

Training is offered anytime online through the Training section of

Training is available online through the Training section of

There is no fee to take this training through the Training section of

No registration is necessary. Simply visit the Training section of If you’ve never visited this site before, you’ll need to click the “create account” button and then follow the instructions; have your BSA membership ID number handy.

Once you’re logged in, click the red BSA Learn Center box on the right.
Scroll to the heading “Expanded Learning.”
Click the box marked “Program Safety.”
Look for “Program Safety” again and click “+Add Plan.”
Click the “Program Safety” link, then click the “Drive Safely” link.