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Cub Scout Leader Expo

The Cub Scout Leader Expo is a morning program that will help Cub Scout leaders learn about the Scouting resources and programs available in the coming year here in Central Texas. There will be speakers and booths from both inside and outside Scouting. All of the material will support Cub Scout leaders in delivering a great experience for their Scouts.

Why should I attend?  What can I expect to learn?

  1. Discover fun activities for your unit to energize your Scouts, their parents, and the leaders that will keep them engaged in the program while developing valuable leadership skills.
  2. Discover new camping areas and outdoor programs to engage your Scouts.
  3. Learn how popcorn can assist your unit in providing more activities while building your Scouts’ sales skills.
  4. Discover training programs to assist you in building valuable leadership skills in both Scouting and your personal life.
  5. Learn about the Scouting events happening across Central Texas and in your local community in the upcoming school year.

How will attending this event help me do my volunteer job?

  1.  You will receive information on resources available to allow you to more effectively and efficiently lead your group.
  2. You will meet other leaders and can share successes and learn from them how best to handle your challenges.

Giveaways throughout the day include scholarships for camp and more!


2020 Door Prize Winners

  • Cinch sack – Kat Landtrop
  • Cub Scouts Rule magnet – Lorraine Cooper
  • Proud of my Cub Scout magnet – Rachel Jones
  • Cub Scout hat (light blue) – Alicia Taylor
  • Cub Scout hat (dark blue/yellow) – Ken Bushong
  • TechLab – Robert Vickery
  • Tiger Day – David Barrera
  • Day Camp – Lawrence Falli
  • Day Camp – Matt Sanders
  • Cub Summer Camp – Albert Padilla
  • Webelos Extreme – Jennifer Rinehart
  • Cub Family Outdoor Discovery – Sally Durant
  • STEMboree – Jose Hernandez
  • Pumpkinpalooza – Kimberly Lively

Watch these 2020 presentations again – or for the first time:

Presentation by Anthony Berger, National Director of Cub Scouting

Introduction to Scoutbook