Popcorn Damages

Production is not always perfect.  Every year we see where the production line might have moved a bit faster than the machines or people maintaining them.  Units are not financially responsible for product damaged during production.

If Scout families find a product that has a manufacturers default please follow the step#1 below and report it to your Unit Kernel.

Some examples of what is considered a damage caused by production are split seams on bags, product that has not been properly sealed at top, bags that have busted open inside a sealed case


Unit Kernel Steps to Reporting Damages

Step 1:

Take some pics with your phone – tell Scout families to do this ASAP and send to their Unit Kernel.  Make sure there is one clear photo of the entire item that visibly shows the damage.  A second pic is needed if the  lot code /expiration date on the back if it is not visible on the first pic.

Step 2:

Use the form below to upload the pics.  Up to 3 items can be reported per form submission.  If multiple pieces are affected in the one case, take one picture of all items together.

Step 3:

Log into the leader dashboard in Trail’s End.  Create Unit to Unit transfer for the damaged items to:   District > Council Use Only, Unit > Damages

Approval & Status:

Allow up to one week for damage processing.  Council will match image uploads to the Unit to Unit transfer request.  Once matched and approved, the product will be removed from the Unit’s invoice and inventory.  Units can view pending and approved transfers in Trail’s End under Transfers & Returns


Popcorn Damages Form

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Tamaño máximo de archivo: 300 MB, Número máximo de archivos: 3.
    Upload image of damaged product. Up to 3 images may be added per form submission. Please upload only one picture of each damaged item.