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Adult Required Training

Adult Required Training Courses

You’re a new adult leader in Scouting. What training MUST you take to be considered “fully trained”?

Youth Protection Training

This is required for all registered adult leaders, no matter your position. You must show proof that you’ve completed the training before we can officially submit your registration with the Boy Scouts of America. Take the course online through the It’s good for two years. LEARN MORE

After Youth Protection Training, your position determines what else you need to do:

  • If you’re a leader working directly with Scouts (like Den Leader, Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Venturing Crew Advisor), you need Position-Specific Training and potentially an outdoor skills training.
  • If you’re the Chair or member of the adult committee running a Scout unit, you need the Committee Challenge Training.

So, let’s look closer at these remaining requirements for being “fully trained.”

You’re a leader working directly with Scouts

You must take Position-Specific Training, whether you’re in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, or Venturing. There’s a different version customized for your position and program. For example, if you’re a Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos Den Leader in Cub Scouts, you’ll take Den Leader-Specific Training. If you’re a Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster in Scouts BSA, you’ll take Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training. Courses are offered on an at-large basis (by our “council”; that’s the group of volunteers and staff serving all 15 counties in Central Texas) or locally (by a “district”; that’s a group of volunteers in a geographic section of the council, usually defined by county or school district boundaries).

You must also take the Boy Scouts of America’s Hazardous Weather Training. It’s an online course through

I’m a Cub Scouts leader – do I have to take an outdoor skills course?

No; Cub Scout leaders are considered “fully trained” with Youth Protection and Leader-Specific Training. But, if you want to go camping at least one Cub Scout leader or parent from your den (smaller group of 8-10 Cub Scouts) or pack (all of the dens and their families) must take Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (also known as BALOO). The BALOO-trained adult has to be present at the camp out, so it’s a good idea to have more than one adult with this training so the same person doesn’t have to be at every camping trip. LEARN MORE about BALOO

I’m a Scouts BSA leader – do I have to take an outdoor skills course?

Yes; Scouts BSA leaders must take Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training and Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (sometimes called IOLS) training to be considered “fully trained”. LEARN MORE about IOLS

I’m a Venturing leader – do I have to take an outdoor skills course?

No; there is no required outdoor skill training for Venturing leaders. But, it’s a good idea to attend Powder Horn to learn about high adventure outdoor activities and skills. Plus, it’s a really fun course!

You’re a Chair or member of the adult committee running a Scout unit

You must complete the Committee Challenge Training specific to your program. There’s a Pack Committee Challenge Training for Cub Scouts, a Troop Committee Challenge Training for Scouts BSA, and a Crew Committee Challenge Training for Venturing. All versions of the Committee Challenge Training are available online for free at

  • LEARN MORE about Pack Committee Challenge Training
  • LEARN MORE about Troop Committee Challenge Training
  • LEARN MORE about Crew Committee Challenge Training

You don’t have to, but…

“Fast Start Training” and “This is Scouting” training are not required but both are recommended as an introductory overview. You can take both for free online at