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Eagle Scout Information

Last edit: September 30, 2022

Eagle Projects

Interested in doing an Eagle project at an Austin ISD school, but don’t know who to contact for approval? Here is a list of Principals, by campus, to inquire with regarding your project idea.

Apply for the NESA Adams Award for most outstanding Eagle Scout service project! Learn More!

Time extension for completing Eagle rank requirements beyond Scout’s 18th birthday

If a Scout foresees that, due to no fault or choice of their own, it will be impossible to complete the Eagle Scout rank requirements before age 18 he or she may apply to our council for a limited time extension. These should be granted only when necessary and are reserved only for work on Eagle. When a time extension is requested, the Scout should continue working on the requirements until a final decision is delivered.

An extension request must meet three tests to be approved:

1. The member joined or rejoined (or became active again after a period of inactivity or became refocused on advancement after a period of inattention) in time to complete all requirements before turning 18.

2. Through no fault or choice of the Scout, an unforeseen circumstance or life-changing event with severe consequences has come to exist that now precludes completion of the requirements before the deadline. Examples might include, but are not limited to: a hospital stay, disabling injury, significant personal or family incident or issue, natural disaster, severe unseasonable weather, or the actions of others. If the circumstance is health-related, it must have been unforeseen and of recent onset, or a complication or intensification of an ongoing issue.

3. The circumstance is beyond the control of the Scout, could not have been anticipated or planned for, and was not or cannot be resolved in time to complete the requirements.

Local councils have the authority to grant limited extensions of time to complete Eagle requirements. These are available only to youth who qualify according to the three tests listed above.

  • A Scout, their parent or guardian, unit leader, or members of the unit committee may file such requests.
  • Our council advancement committee must research and evaluate requests and recommend decisions to the Scout Executive.
  • Councils have the authority to grant Scouts only enough time to complete the requirements, but not more than a total of six months after the Scout’s 18th birthday. Under most circumstances, however, three to four months has proven sufficient.

Requesting an extension

Requests for time extensions must be submitted to the Fickett Center in person, electronically, or by mail to the attention of Keri Smeaton, Eagle Processor. The form, Request for Extension of Time to Earn Eagle Scout Rank, should be submitted along with any supporting letters or documentation to be considered for review. Since council-granted extensions expire no more than six months after the Scout’s 18th birthday, it is wise to submit requests before a Scout turns 18. Scouts are encouraged to continue work on advancement throughout the extension request process.

Completed form and supporting documentation (if any) may be submitted by:

  • In person to the Fickett Center during office hours of 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday
  • Attaching an electronic copy to an email to (this is preferred and will guarantee the fastest possible reply to your request)
  • Mailing to Capitol Area Council BSA, attn: Eagle Processor, 12500 North IH 35, Austin, Texas, 78753

Once received, the Eagle processor will submit extension request to the Council Advancement Committee for review. The committee will provide their recommendation to the Scout Executive. Upon approval by the Scout Executive, the District Advancement Chair, unit leader or additional unit Eagle contacts, and the Scout are notified of the determination by letter and signed request form.

Register as an adult member of Scouting (upon your 18th birthday)

In order to continue to work on Eagle requirements as an adult, a Scout that is 18 must submit the following:

  • Fill out the adult application and background check form and select UP (Unit Participant) as the position code
  • Complete BSA Youth Protection Training at
  • Scan your completed application, background check form, and certificate proving you completed Youth Protection Training to your troop’s Chartered Organization Representative (your Scoutmaster or Committee Chair can help with this if you have questions)
  • You do not have to pay a new adult membership fee
  • Your Chartered Organization Representative will sign, scan, and email your documents to our Registrar, or print, sign, and mail your documents to Capitol Area Council BSA, attn: Registrar, 12500 North IH 35, Austin, TX, 78753

Frequently Asked Questions regarding a Scout’s 18th birthday

Q: Do I need my application to be council certified before my 18th birthday?
A: No. You have up to 24 months after turning 18 to have your application council certified.

Q: Do I need to have my Board of Review before my 18th birthday?
A: No. You have up to 24 months after turning 18 to have your Eagle Board of Review.

Q: Do I need to be registered in my unit in order to have an Eagle Board of Review?
A: No. A candidate must be registered through the time the requirements are being completed but need not be registered thereafter or when the Eagle Scout Board of Review is conducted.

Q: Does my Unit Leader and Committee Chair need to sign my application before my 18th birthday?
A: No. You will need them, as well as your own signature, on the application when you submit it for council certification, but they may be obtained after you turn 18.

Q: Do I have to write my life ambitions statement before my 18th birthday?
A: No. You will need to write it before you submit it for council certification.

Q: I was approved for an extension. Do I need to have my board before it expires?
A: No. Your extension expiration date is like your “new 18th birthday.”

Have Eagle Process Questions?

If you have questions about applying for the rank of Eagle Scout, please contact Keri Smeaton at (512) 617-8610 or

I’m a Scout who is an Eagle candidate. What do I do next?

  1. Complete all requirements
  2. Prepare the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
  3. Complete the Eagle Rank Application, following the proper procedure
  4. Email, Mail, or submit in person to the Fickett Center between 8am-5pm, Monday- Friday, your Eagle application with signatures, statement of life ambitions, and supporting verification documents to our Eagle Processor.
  5. Once council certified, wait for your District Advancement Committee to schedule your Eagle Scout Board of Review (find your District Advancement Committee Chair’s contact information here)
  6. Attend your Eagle Scout Board of Review
  7. Upon successful completion of your Board of Review, email, mail, or submit in person your signed Eagle Scout Application to our Eagle Processor at the Fickett Center
  8. We will obtain the Scout Executive’s signature and submit your application to the National Advancement Program Team for certification of the Eagle Scout Rank.
  9. Wait for our council Eagle Processor to notify your Scoutmaster or Troop Eagle Coordinator that your Eagle credentials are available to be picked up from the Fickett Center. Pick up must be scheduled in advance. Anyone may pick up the credentials on the Scout’s behalf.

Get more detail on this process by reading our council’s Eagle Rank Application Procedures.

Public Recognition for New Eagle Scouts

Most newspapers will run a short story and photo, recognizing Scouts who attain the rank of Eagle Scout. Many prefer that you send this information in an email.

However, if you prefer to send this information by standard mail, see the forms below for the Austin American-Statesman, Austin Family Magazine, West Austin News and Westlake Picayune. (You may also use these as guidelines for submitting Eagle Scout information to any other paper).

Eagle Scout Recognition General Information
Good Citizenship Award Certificate
Austin American-Statesman’s news submission form
West Austin News’ Eagle Scout Form
Westlake Picayune’s Eagle Scout Form


The U.S. Navy Talent Acquisition Group San Antonio will also send congratulatory certificates to new Eagle Scouts. If interested, send an email to Mr. Jim Bickford at with the following information:

Subject line: Eagle Scout Certificate Request

Scouts’s full name
Unit type and number (ex. Troop 3)
Capitol Area Council
Short description of their Eagle project
Legal guardian’s mailing and email address


The Vietnam Veterans of America offers a commemorative Eagle Scout medal and recognition packet for all Eagle Scouts, no matter when you earned Eagle (there is a nominal fee for the medal). The packet includes the commemorative medal, a congratulatory letter signed by the national president, and a blank certificate to be signed by designated persons in the Scouts BSA Troop. For more information, including how to purchase the medal, please see these instructions.

Scholarships for Eagle Scouts

Being an Eagle Scout can carry some weight on college admission forms and scholarship applications. In addition, some scholarships exist for the sole purpose of helping an Eagle Scout further his education.

Byron Lockhart Capitol Area Council Eagle Scout scholarships
Scholarships for Eagle Scouts awarded by the National Eagle Scout Association