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Time Extension for completing Eagle rank requirement due to COVID-19

The Boy Scouts of America has approved two big temporary changes to advancement rules, in response to difficulties arising from the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus.

First: effectively immediately through December 31, 2020, local councils have the authority to grant up to three three-month extensions for Scouts to complete requirements for the ranks of Eagle Scout or Quartermaster, or the Venturing Summit Award. However, these local council extensions may only be granted if COVID-19 disruptions are the reason the Scout needs extra time to complete these requirements.

To be clear, this extension would grant time to complete specific requirements impacted by COVID-19 disruptions – like completing the Eagle service project. Scouts BSA members must already hold the Life Scout rank in order to qualify for this specific extension.

Second: until further notice, BSA will accept electronic or digital signatures for youth applicants and unit approvals on these award applications. This includes printing out the application document, signing it with a pen, scanning/taking a picture, and sending via email or other appropriate communication platform to the next person for signature.

To request an extension that would give a Scout more time to complete Eagle requirements, please:

1) complete the BSA form “Request for Extension of Time to Earn Eagle Scout Rank”

  • Make sure you enter the board of review date when you earned the Life rank
  • In the field titled, “Please provide a brief summary of circumstances…,” tell us why COVID-19 conditions are preventing you from completing all award requirements before your 18th birthday. Specify which requirements you are not able to complete because of COVID-19.
  • In the boxes below the “Please provide a brief summary of circumstances” field, you must fill in the space for parent’s and unit leader’s name, phone number, and email. Here’s an example of exactly what you need to fill out (and what you don’t).

2) submit the completed form to the Fickett Center by:

  • Attaching an electronic copy to an email to [email protected] (this is preferred and will guarantee the fastest possible reply to your request)
  • Dropping off a physical copy addressed to Ms. Smeaton in the brown mailbox on the north side of the Fickett Center parking lot, or
  • Mailing to Capitol Area Council BSA / attn: Eagle Processor, 12500 North IH 35, Austin, Texas, 78753

3) register as an adult member of Scouting (upon your 18th birthday):

  • Fill out the adult application and background check form and select UP as the position code
  • Complete BSA Youth Protection Training at
  • Scan your completed application, background check form, and certificate proving you completed Youth Protection Training to your troop’s Chartered Organization Representative (your Scoutmaster or Committee Chair can help with this if you have questions)
  • You do not have to pay a new adult membership fee
  • Your Chartered Organization Representative will sign, scan, and email your documents to our Registrar, or print, sign, and mail your documents to Capitol Area Council BSA, attn: Registrar, 12500 North IH 35, Austin, TX, 78753

Eagle Boards of Review by Videoconferencing

Eagle Scout Boards of Review may be conducted by videoconferencing but must have prior council approval. Read the BSA rules for this here, then contact our council Advancement Chair by email stating you have read the rules and agree to follow them.

Time Extension for Eagle Board of Review due to COVID-19

The following standard council procedure will be of special interest to Scouts planning their Eagle board of review. Postponements of up to six months past the Scout’s 18th birthday are easily obtained.

The BSA Guide to Advancement Section states:

An Eagle Scout board of review may occur, without special approval, within three months after a Scout’s 18th birthday. If a board of review is to be held three to six months afterward, the local council must preapprove it. To initiate approval, the candidate, the candidate’s parent or guardian, the unit leader, or a unit committee member attaches to the application a statement explaining the delay.

Requests for a time extension for the Eagle board of review for more than three months, but less than six months after the Scout’s 18th birthday are made by attaching a request to the Eagle rank application when it is delivered to Keri Smeaton at the Fickett Center for verification, prior to the board. The CAC Advancement committee has authorized Keri Smeaton to approve all time extensions made to her, that fall within the three to six month window. No special conditions are required for this approval.

Scouts planning their Eagle board of review can plan on receiving approval for time extensions for up to six months past their 18th birthday. Note that this extension applies only to the board of review. All other rank requirements must be completed before the Scout’s 18th birthday.

Time extensions for up to three months after the Scout’s 18th birthday do not require approval.

Questions? Contact your district’s advancement committee chair. You can find their contact information (or contact information for a district leader who can help) from this page.

Have Eagle Process Questions?

If you have questions about applying for the rank of Eagle Scout, please contact Keri Smeaton at (512) 617-8610 or [email protected].

Eagle Projects

Interested in doing an Eagle project at an Austin ISD school, but don’t know who to contact for approval? Here is a list of contacts, by campus, to inquire with regarding your project idea.

Apply for the NESA Adams Award for most outstanding Eagle Scout service project! Learn More!

I’m a Scout who is an Eagle candidate. What do I do next?

  1. Complete all requirements
  2. Prepare the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
  3. Complete the Eagle Rank Application, following the proper procedure
  4. Drop off (or have someone else drop off) between 8am-5pm or mail your Eagle application with original signatures, Statement of Life Ambitions, and supporting verification documents to our Eagle Processor at the Fickett Center
  5. Wait for your District Advancement Committee to schedule your Eagle Scout Board of Review (find your District Advancement Committee Chair’s contact information here)
  6. Attend your Eagle Scout Board of Review
  7. Upon successful completion of your Board of Review, deliver your completed, original Eagle Scout Application to our Eagle Processor at the Fickett Center
  8. Wait for your Eagle Scout documentation to be undergo final review by the Boy Scouts of America’s national Advancement Team (usually 2-3 weeks)
  9. Wait for our council Eagle Processor to contact your Scoutmaster or Troop Eagle Coordinator with permission to pick up your Eagle credentials from the Fickett Center

Get more detail on this process by reading our council’s Eagle Rank Application Procedures.

Public Recognition for New Eagle Scouts

Most newspapers will run a short story and photo, recognizing Scouts who attain the rank of Eagle Scout. Many prefer that you send this information in an email.

However, if you prefer to send this information by standard mail, see the forms below for the Austin American-Statesman, Austin Family Magazine, West Austin News and Westlake Picayune. (You may also use these as guidelines for submitting Eagle Scout information to any other paper).

Eagle Scout Recognition General Information
Good Citizenship Award Certificate
Austin American-Statesman’s news submission form
West Austin News’ Eagle Scout Form
Westlake Picayune’s Eagle Scout Form

The U.S. Navy Recruiting District San Antonio will also send congratulatory certificates to new Eagle Scouts. If interested, send an email to CDR Michael Files at [email protected] with the following information:

Subject line: Eagle Scout Certificate Request

Scouts’s full name
Unit type and number (ex. Troop 3)
Capitol Area Council
Short description of their Eagle project
Legal guardian’s mailing and email address

Scholarships for Eagle Scouts

Being an Eagle Scout can carry some weight on college admission forms and scholarship applications. In addition, some scholarships exist for the sole purpose of helping an Eagle Scout further his education.

Application for 2020 Byron Lockhart Capitol Area Council Eagle Scout scholarships
Scholarships for Eagle Scouts awarded by the National Eagle Scout Association