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Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scout Information

Have Eagle Process Questions?

If you have questions about applying for the rank of Eagle Scout, please contact Keri Smeaton at (512) 617-8610 or [email protected].

Eagle Projects

Interested in doing an Eagle project at an Austin ISD school, but don’t know who to contact for approval? Here is a list of contacts, by campus, to inquire with regarding your project idea.

Apply for the NESA Adams Award for most outstanding Eagle Scout service project! Learn More!

I’m a Scout who is an Eagle candidate. What do I do next?

  1. Complete all requirements
  2. Prepare the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
  3. Complete the Eagle Rank Application, following the proper procedure
  4. Drop off (or have someone else drop off) between 8am-5pm or mail your Eagle application with original signatures, Statement of Life Ambitions, and supporting verification documents to our Eagle Processor at the Fickett Center
  5. Wait for your District Advancement Committee to schedule your Eagle Scout Board of Review (find your District Advancement Committee Chair’s contact information here)
  6. Attend your Eagle Scout Board of Review
  7. Upon successful completion of your Board of Review, deliver your completed, original Eagle Scout Application to our Eagle Processor at the Fickett Center
  8. Wait for your Eagle Scout documentation to be undergo final review by the Boy Scouts of America’s national Advancement Team (usually 2-3 weeks)
  9. Wait for our council Eagle Processor to contact your Scoutmaster or Troop Eagle Coordinator with permission to pick up your Eagle credentials from the Fickett Center

Get more detail on this process by reading our council’s Eagle Rank Application Procedures.

Public Recognition for New Eagle Scouts

Most newspapers will run a short story and photo, recognizing Scouts who attain the rank of Eagle Scout. Many prefer that you send this information in an email.

However, if you prefer to send this information by standard mail, see the forms below for the Austin American-Statesman, Austin Family Magazine, West Austin News and Westlake Picayune. (You may also use these as guidelines for submitting Eagle Scout information to any other paper).

Eagle Scout Recognition General Information
Good Citizenship Award Certificate
Austin American-Statesman’s Eagle Scout Form
West Austin News’ Eagle Scout Form
Westlake Picayune’s Eagle Scout Form

The U.S. Navy Recruiting District San Antonio will also send congratulatory certificates to new Eagle Scouts. If interested, send an email to CDR Michael Files at [email protected] with the following information:

Subject line: Eagle Scout Certificate Request

Scouts’s full name
Unit type and number (ex. Troop 3)
Capitol Area Council
Short description of their Eagle project
Legal guardian’s mailing and email address

Scholarships for Eagle Scouts

Being an Eagle Scout can carry some weight on college admission forms and scholarship applications. In addition, some scholarships exist for the sole purpose of helping an Eagle Scout further his education.

Scholarship Resources

Application for Byron Lockhart Capitol Area Council Eagle Scout scholarships (2019 form pending)
Scholarships for Eagle Scouts awarded by the National Eagle Scout Association


Eagle Class of 2019: One-Time Extension

On February 1, 2019, the Boy Scouts of America began welcoming girls into Scouts BSA. One of the characteristics of Scouting — for more than one hundred years — is that no matter when you join, or the rank you attain, the Scouting experience prepares you for life. And for some, the pinnacle of their Scouting experience is achieving the highest rank of Eagle Scout.

These are historic times for our Movement – we want these young women to enjoy the journey and share the joy with other young women across the country of being part of the inaugural class of female Eagle Scouts. Because we want them to enjoy the journey and all the benefits of such an experience, all girls who join the BSA in 2019 should have an opportunity to earn their Eagle rank, should they diligently and promptly complete all requirements. We also understand that some young women who join in 2019 may not have enough time to complete the journey to Eagle due to their age. Accordingly, after carefully considering recommendations from stakeholders, including feedback from volunteers and professionals, the National Executive Committee of the Boy Scouts of America has approved the following temporary transition rules regarding extensions for youth over 16 but not yet 18 years of age on February 1, 2019 to complete the requirements for the Eagle Scout rank.

To preserve the integrity of the Eagle Scout rank, no exceptions or waivers of any of the requirements for the Eagle Scout rank are permitted under this limited extension, and all requirements must be completed while the individual is a registered member of Scouts BSA, or as a member of a Venturing Crew or a Sea Scouts Ship after achieving the First Class Rank in Scouts BSA (as specified in the BSA Guide to Advancement).

Since the BSA has determined that the minimum period of elapsed time to complete the requirements of the Eagle Scout rank is approximately 19-20 months, the extension is not available to any youth who is under 16 years of age on February 1, 2019 (as they will have adequate time to earn their Eagle rank before turning 18) nor to any youth who has already turned 18 years of age on February 1, 2019 (as they will be ineligible to join Scouts BSA). Eligible Scouts are encouraged to submit their request as soon as they believe they would like to pursue their Eagle Scout rank, as this extension request process will be limited to December 31,2019.

Below is the process for this limited-time opportunity; the following procedures should take place:

  • The Scout, a new member of a Scouts BSA troop, informs a member of the troop’s Key 3 or unit or district advancement chair that they are requesting an extension.
  • The troop Key 3 or unit or unit advancement chair will log in to their my.scouting account; select the appropriate unit (if they are affiliated with more than one unit); navigate to the troop roster and select the youth’s member profile, where the extension request can be selected.
  • The amount of time a Scout will be granted for the Eagle extension will be based on the Scout’s joining date and date of birth.
  • The Scout will be notified via email the amount of time they will receive for an extension; the maximum amount of extension time will be 24 months (the Scout’s parent, unit leader, and the Scout executive will be copied on the email).
  • The Scout will continue with the current advancement process up to the rank of Eagle; the application for rank will follow the process as outlined in the Guide to Advancement.
  • Boards of review must not occur until after the local council and the National Service Center have verified the application.
  • In supporting the inaugural class of female Eagle Scouts, boards of review at the council for the inaugural class will take place October 1-31, 2020; to further support the inaugural class, all boards of review will be dated October 31, 2020 by the National Service Center.
  • Note that this inaugural class is not just for those who have requested and been granted the extension. This class is open to any female who passes her board of review between 10/1-31/20 and has submitted her postmarked Eagle application to the National Office no later than 11/2/20.
  • Credentials (Eagle certificate, wallet card, etc.) for female Eagle Scouts will be sent starting December 2020.

BSA plans to recognize the inaugural class of female Eagle Scouts with a special, once in a lifetime item – but we’ll need the Scouts’ help! BSA is asking each Scout (or Scout parent) to submit a picture of them in their field uniform with their merit badge sash to [email protected] (parents must sign and include the BSA Talent Waiver). BSA will make a special collage of the entire class that will be signed by the Chief Scout Executive that they will receive in the first quarter of 2021. Include your mailing address with their photo submission; BSA will correspond with this class periodically over the years and may even do an “alumni” edition of the collage in future years.


Eagle Reception

Earning the rank of Eagle Scout is an important milestone that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life!  We invite you to celebrate this accomplishment with your family and Eagle mentor at the On My Honor: Eagle Scout Reception. You will ALWAYS be an Eagle, but you will NEVER have this opportunity again. Take this opportunity to stand with your fellow Eagles, be recognized, and then proudly share with your family as you find your name on the Eagle Wall.

Every Scout who earned the rank of Eagle in the past year is invited to be recognized in a special ceremony with an inspirational speech by a fellow Eagle who has used the values learned in Scouting to succeed early in life. You’ll also receive a limited edition commemorative challenge coin recognizing your inclusion in our council’s Eagle class. The Eagle reception is also the first chance to see the past year’s Eagle class on the Eagle Wall at the Fickett Center.

Event Details

When: The Eagle Reception takes place annual in February. The next Eagle Reception is February 2020.
Where: Frank Fickett Scout Training and Service Center, 12500 North IH 35, Austin, TX, 78753.
Cost: There is no cost due to the generosity of donors