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Popcorn Sale

All the money you need in the least amount of time

The annual popcorn sale provides the best opportunity for Scout units to raise all the money necessary for a quality, year-round program in the least amount of time possible. Unlike other product sales, units that can not sell their entire inventory of popcorn are not stuck with the cost of the surplus items.

The sale is the only product sales fundraiser approved by our council’s Executive Board, which means it is the only fundraiser in which your Scouts can wear their Scout uniform while selling/participating. It is not necessary to fill out a unit money earning application to participate in the sale.

Need More Information? Contact our council’s Popcorn Specialist:
Melanie Crawford
[email protected]
Cell: 512-944-7742




2020 Popcorn Progam

Popcorn Pays Memberhsip

Scouts and Adults can earn their 20201 Annual Membership fee through popcorn.  For full details go to our Popcorn Membership Fee Help page.

Unit Payments

Does your Unit need to pay Capitol Area Council or get paid by Trail’s End?

In Trail’s End go to account summary to view your Unit’s invoice, system credits for credit cards sales & online commission, and amount due to council.

Due to Council:
  • Negative amounts – Units can request payouts direct deposited to their Unit bank account.  To set up your Unit’s account go Unit Info > Manage Unit Bank Account.  View the Unit Payout Sheet for more details and the payout schedule.
  • Positive amounts – Capitol Area Council will begin to accept payment on November 2, 2020.  To pay, print the Unit invoice for November 2nd or later and mail a Unit check payable to BSACAC to:
      • Capitol Area Council – Popcorn
      • 12500 N IH 35
      • Austin, TX 78753
  • Payment due date is November 27th, 2020
How do Units get online sales commission?
  • Unit online commission is applied as a credit to the Unit invoice.
  • If your Scouts had no booth, wagon sales or take order to be placed, the Unit can request payment from Trails End under Account Summary.
No more commission checks lost in the mail or sent to the wrong Unit leader….
  • If your Unit is due money, the Unit’s bank account information must be entered into Trail’s End.
  • Capitol Area Council will not issue checks for Unit overpayment.  Please check your Unit invoice on November 2nd or later prior to payment.
  • If a Unit overpays, the amount will be transferred to the Unit’s registration account at the Frank Fickett Scout center in December.

Online Sales

Scouts can continue to earn their own way with the Trail’s End online sale through the end of 2020.

  • Free shipping has been reactivated in the Capitol Area Council through the end of November.
  • Scout sales and amazon rewards will reset on January 1st.
  • Units continue to earn 31% commission and can receive funds from Trail’s End by requesting a payout on the Account Summary screen.
  • Additional sales will not count towards Council Bonus prizes.


Check this page regularly for the most current information on the Capitol Area Council annual Popcorn Program.