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Popcorn Program

2022 Important Dates

  • Sunday, October 16 – All In-Person Sales End
  • Monday, October 31 – Big Final Day
    • Finalize any Unit to Unit transfers, tracked sales, return to council requests
    • Online sales end for Council level eligibility
  • Wednesday, November 16 – Popcorn Distribution Day (Take Order)

Online Sales Promotion

Effective Monday, September 19th at 8:00PM ET through Monday, October 3rd at 8:00PM ET.

  • Trail’s End is reducing the free shipping threshold to $55
  • And shipping costs now reduced to $9.99 on orders less than $55
    • heavy item surcharge of $3 still applicable

Reorders & Reporting Damages

Invoices that make sense!!  One of our main goals in 2022 is to make all inventory changes to Unit invoices easy to read and understand by any Unit Leader.  Previously, order add-ons and damages resulting in administrative changes in the background that provided no details about why the change was made.  We have removed the need for administrative changes by Capitol Area Council and now all changes will be initiated by the Unit Kernel and easily tracked within Trail’s End.

How to Report Damages – go to to see the requirements and process for reporting damages to the Capitol Area Council.

How to Get More Product -Many Units find that during the sale they are in need of more product.  This can happen due to growth in membership, Scout goals increasing or simply Scouts outperforming their own expectations.  The Capitol Area Council is dedicated to having excess product locally to fulfill reorders every week during at least the first three weeks of the regular program.

Placing orders for additional product from Council:

  • Orders must be entered by 11PM on Sunday to be fulfilled the following Tuesday
  • Unit invoices will list out each order separately for easy viewing
  • Orders may be fulfilled using Unit to Unit transfers when available
  • Orders will be compared to current Unit inventory and tracked sales
  • Go into the Trail’s End leader dashboard
    • /Click drop down for Choose Delivery
      • Select the option dated for the Tuesday you wish to pick up your additional product
    • Complete the order form and click submit
  • Go to to schedule your pick up time

Inventory Management

Unit Kernels have options in managing the Unit inventory in Trail’s End.  Inventory can be assigned to a Storefront Location or to a Scout.   Which way is best?   That depends on the Unit preferences.

  • To the Scout – best suited for Units that have only one Scout sell at each storefront.  This allows the Scouts to take full ownership and responsibility for their fundraiser.  The Scout can learn inventory and financial management while verifying actual and expected items match.  To have proper inventory records, all sales should be tracked through the Wagon platform of the Trail’s End app.
  • To the Storefront – best suited for Units that deliver product to Storefronts each weekend and have multiple Scouts work that location in shifts.  This is a better option for Packs when younger Scouts are just learning how the fundraiser works and not quite ready for the business side of the program.

What if product is assigned to a Scout but items are tracked under the Storefront platform?  This will cause negative inventory numbers on that Storefront.  To correct the inventory first run the Sales Transaction Detail report, it will provide the dates, Scout names, products, quantities and the Storefront location.  Next transfer the items sold at Storefronts from the Scout to the Unit.  Finally transfer the product to the Storefront to remove all negative inventory numbers.

Weekly Challenges

Each week up to 5 Scouts who meet the criteria of that week’s challenge will be drawn and awarded gift cards to local businesses.  No forms to fill out – Scout eligibility is pulled from items tracked it the Trail’s End app.

  • American Heroes Appreciation – $119 in American Heroes donations
  • End of Summer Blazin Hot Blow Out – 16 bags of Blazin’ Hot
  • Fall is Here Caramel Craze – from 9/19 to 9/25 track 12 bags of product with caramel, includes Classic Caramel and Salted Caramel
  • You’re Unbelievable – from 9/26 to 10/2 track 12 boxes of Unbelievable Butter, or $600 total (any items, including Heroes & Helpers)
  • Feeling Salty? (check back 10/3 for requirements)
  • So Cheesy! (check back 10/10 for requirements)

Take Order Forms

Used as a visual tool while Scouts are out in their neighborhoods and with family & friends. Any orders on paper forms should be tracked in the Trail’s End app to assure proper ordering, payment and delivery. To request forms for your Unit go to We will coordinate with the District Popcorn teams to get your materials to you.  You can also download the form listed under Popcorn Links on the right of the page.


Earn your own way to National or World Jamboree with popcorn by earning 50% commission. Scouts registered in either Jamboree event have the potential to earn their full registration fee with the Capitol Area Council’s special offer. The in-person program begins at the end of Summer, but you can start earning your own way today through the online program.

To get started:

  • Go to
  • Click Register at the top right
  • Select Scout or Parent, on behalf of my Scout
  • Complete the required personal information
  • Select Capitol Area Council
  • Select Jamboree ONLY district
  • Select National Jamboree 2023 or World Jamboree 2023
  • As soon as you can log into your Trail’s End account set up your profile, add some pics or videos and make sure to tell everyone why you want to go to Jamboree in the About Me section.
  • Get the word out – put on your uniform, show your Scout spirit and make a video with your Trail’s End link to post on your family’s social media outlets

Technical Issues

At some point we have all experienced technical difficulties – web sites go down, credit card processing doesn’t work or an app just goes wacky.   In the event that Trail’s End or any of the their embedded partners are having issues, we want to notify our Scouts and Leaders as quickly as possible to make them aware of the issue and a possible work around until the issue is resolved.  To opt-in to our Popcorn911 text list, please fill out the short form at


  • Popcorn911 texts will only be sent during our peak popcorn program hours, Saturday/Sunday 10am to 6pm, in the event of a major issue with using the Trail’s End app.
  • Scouts may join with permission of their parent/guardian.  These messages will be sent through a mass messaging system.  You will not see the other participants contact information.

Didn’t find an answer to your question?

Contact our council’s Popcorn Program Executive:
Melanie Crawford
[email protected]
Cell: 512-627-0313