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Popcorn Program

Thank you for a great 2022 popcorn season!!!


Unit Commission

When will my Unit invoice show bonus commission? All bonus commission points will be added to unit invoices by November 2 after the Take Order window has closed.

All units start with a base commission of 30% but can earn up to 35% for in-person sales depending on their growth over 2021. The guidelines are laid out in the 2022 CAC Popcorn Guide. Unit Kernels can also see their goal targets in the popcorn email sent on July 25, 2022. Can’t find it? Email [email protected] to request a copy of your unit’s targets.


Inventory Management

Unit Kernels have options in managing the unit inventory in the Trail’s End app. Inventory can be assigned to a storefront location or to a Scout. Which way is best? That depends on the unit preferences.

  • To the Scout – best suited for units that have only one Scout sell at each storefront. This allows Scouts to take full ownership and responsibility for their fundraiser. The Scout can learn inventory and financial management while verifying actual and expected items match. To have proper inventory records, all sales should be tracked through the wagon platform of the Trail’s End app.
  • To the Storefront – best suited for units that deliver product to storefronts each weekend and have multiple Scouts work that location in shifts. This is a better option for packs when younger Scouts are just learning how the fundraiser works and not quite ready for the business side of the program.

What if product is assigned to a Scout but items are tracked under the storefront platform? This will cause negative inventory numbers on that storefront. To correct the inventory first run the Sales Transaction Detail report, it will provide the dates, Scout names, products, quantities and the storefront location. Next, transfer the items sold at storefronts from the Scout to the unit. Finally, transfer the product to the storefront to remove all negative inventory numbers.

Weekly Challenges

Each week up to 5 Scouts who meet the criteria of that week’s challenge will be drawn and awarded gift cards to local businesses. No forms to fill out – Scout eligibility is pulled from items tracked it the Trail’s End app. Scout and Unit Kernel will be notified.

  • American Heroes Appreciation – $119 in American Heroes donations
    • Aarav M (Pack 0012), Conner S (Troop 0009), Edward K (Troop 0408), Eliana D (Pack 0082), Milo H (Pack 0082)
  • End of Summer Blazin Hot Blow Out – 16 bags of Blazin’ Hot
    • Aidan A (Troop 0089), Lilith T (Pack 0090), Gabriel P (Troop 0128), Trevor S (Pack 0160), Charlotte M (Pack 0180)
  • Fall is Here Caramel Craze – 12 bags of product with caramel
    • Molly P (Pack 0174), Hudson P (Pack 0812), Spencer C (Pack 0176), Julian E (Pack 0128), Drake G (Troop 2010)
  • You’re Unbelievable – 12 boxes of Unbelievable Butter or $600 total
    • Jonathan M (Pack 0125), Kiara P (Pack 0371), Bodie A (Troop 0154), Eli B (Pack 2030), Theodore H (Pack 0082)
  • Feeling Salty?  6 bags of Salted Caramel or $600 total
    • Jaylyn S (Troop 0328), Phaedra R (Pack 0140), Elliot S (Pack 0012), Bryton T (Pack 2008),  Dante R (Pack 0812)
  • So Cheesy!  10 cheese items or $600 total
    • Emma V (Pack 0196), Ian M (Pack 0066), Noah B (Pack 0082), Dallas M (Troop 0328), Toby C (Pack 0027)


Earn your own way to National or World Jamboree with popcorn by earning 50% commission. Scouts registered in either Jamboree event have the potential to earn their full registration fee with our council’s special offer. The in-person program begins at the end of summer, but you can start earning your own way today through the online program.

Didn’t find an answer to your question?

Contact our council’s Popcorn Program Executive:
Melanie Crawford
[email protected]
Cell: 512-627-0313