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Thank you Capitol Area Council Families

Over $1.9 Million sold in the 2017 Popcorn Sale
Congratulations on a record-breaking year.

You gave your time, energy, and expertise.  Some bought your product, others didn't and you kept going.  Boxes, tables and wagons were lifted, pushed, pulled and dragged.  All that hard work and just a little more will deliver your Take Order items.  All Units will receive and extra 2% commission this year giving back an extra $38,000 to our Units.  We want to thank you and hope all our Scouts have the greatest adventures with their well-earned commission.  THANK YOU!

2018 Popcorn Sale

Take Order opens August 1st and closes October 21st
Show & Sell opens September 8th and closes October 13th

The full schedule will be announced by March 10th.  Please watch your emails and this web site for more details on product line and promotions.

Need More Information?

Contact your Capitol Area Council Popcorn Specialist
Melanie Crawford
Office:  512-617-8652
Cell:  512-944-7742