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Scouts selling $650 or more are eligible for Council level prizes.  Unit Kernels must submit the Unit Sale Summary form no later than November 30th to enter Scout for $650, $1700 and $4500 Club prizes, District Top Sellers and Council Top Sellers.  Ten Scouts can be entered on each form.  Have more than 10 Scouts reach $650?  Congratulations!!  Don't forget to submit another form to enter all Scouts who reached that goal.

Keller prizes and the six-piece Gallactic patch can be ordered through the Trail's End popcorn system.  Click the prize tab and follow the instructions.  Orders will be reviewed and approved by the Capitol Area Council and shipped to the address you enter on the form.  Please note that Keller prizes are not cumulative.  

***NOTICE***There is a glitch in the system.  If you are unable to see the prize tab or the link does not open up the Keller prize order form - go to the Contact tab, edit your profile, type in your email and click the check mark.  If you still have difficulty after taking these steps, contact Trail's End support using the Contact link in the left hand bar.

The Online Sale has been extended and new prize opportunities!!

Trail’s End has announce new Online sales challenges along with Online sales prizes and the sale has been extended to November 7th (online sale only).  It is not too late to get those last few sales in and move your Scout up to their next prize level or even the Trail’s End scholarship program.
Check these links for more information

Weekly Drawing Winners

Week 1 Winners

Week 2 Winners

Week 3 Winners

Liam B - Pack 233
Finnegan M - Pack 203
Garrett P - Pack 218
Tobias M - Troop 161
Hayden R - Troop 497
Caleb J - Pack 174
Yannis P - Pack 535
Ryken A - Pack 421
Raghav B - Troop 365
Patrick B - Troop 8787
Wesley J - Pack 1776
Raunel M - Pack 489
Brian S - Pack 202
Kenny G - Troop 1423
Bryan R - Troop 1993

Week 4 Winners

Week 5 Winners

Week 6 Winners

Christopher L - Pack 89
Quinn C - Pack 395
Hunter M - Pack 180
Max A - Troop 565
Mason C - Troop 1409
John F - Pack 172
AJ B - Pack 280
Matthew F - Pack 404
Ethan M - Troop 158
Matthew C - Crew 634
Aden P - Pack 535
Luke R - Pack 174
Hayden D - Pack 489
Christopher R - Troop 1409
Dylan W - Troop 109

TO Challenge #2

Liam F - Troop 1423
Charlie S - Troop 161

Payments & Returns

  • Final Payment for the 2016 popcorn sale is due December 2nd.  If your Unit participated in the Online Sale, please wait until November 9th before submitting payment.  
  • Show & Sell returns were accepted starting October 24th through the 28th.  Returns are no longer accepted.

Need more information?

Contact Melanie Crawford at melanie.crawford@scouting.org or 512-944-7742 to:
  • Ask a question about the popcorn sale
  • Get on the popcorn email list