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Final 5 Days

Make this last weekend count.  If you made it to your goal, consider helping a fellow Scout reach theirs.  Remind your customers that 73% goes to local Scouts.  Military Donations are 100% tax deductible and product purchases are 73% tax deductible.


Did you transfer product to another Unit?  Submit the Unit to Unit Product Transfer form as soon as possible to keep your Unit's invoice correct.  If you transfer a partial case, please enter decimals.  Example:  3 bags of Classic Caramel is 0.25 of one case.  

Both Units will receive an email requesting confirmation of the product and approval of the transfer.  No changes will be made in the Trail's End system until both Units have responded with their approval.


New Process for 2017 will be announced on Friday, October 20th.  You must check with your District Kernel before contacting Council offices for product returns.

No returns will be accepted at the Frank Fickett Scout Center.  Check back on October 20th for further instructions.


Scouts that sold $100 or more during the previous week are eligible to enter. 
Unit Leaders, please complete one form for all qualifying Scouts in your Units.  
Winner lists will be updated on Friday.


Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Bryan D   Pack 0160 Alexander B   Pack 0160 Gabriel P   Pack 0174
William T   Pack 0081 Carter C   Pack 0165 John C   Pack 0165
Leo M  
Troop 0262 Luc M   Pack 0371 Caleb J   Pack 0072
Alex Y   Pack 0201 Brandon T   Pack 0109 Thomas M   Pack 0711
Matthew C   Crew 0634 Anthony F   Pack 0174 Wynston J   Pack 0155

Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Christopher M   Pack 0653 Check back  October 20 Check back   October 27
Juan O   Troop 0497   

Landon R   Pack 0081

Siddarth M   Pack 0371

Ryan D   Pack 0395

Dates for 2017 Popcorn Sale

 August 1 Take Order forms available for high-goal Scouts 
September 14th  Show & Sell distribution day 
September 15th  Sale begins  
September/October  Weekly drawing opens every Monday and closes on Thursday at 9:00PM
Forms is to be submitted by the Unit Kernel for all Scouts that sold $100 during the prior week. 
October 22nd  Sale Ends -Show & Sell and Take Order 
October 26th  Last day to submit a product return form.  Limited to 10% of your Show & Sell order, full cases only of new condition product.  Product return form available 10/20 
October 27th  Final day to submit Unit Taker Order in the Trail's End popcorn system. 
November  Prize orders open November 1 and close November 30
  Keller Prizes can be ordered through the Trial's End popcorn system.  Prizes are shipped directly to Unit Kernel's home.
  Council Prizes  (all Scouts) can be submitted with the Unit Popcorn Sale Summary Form.
  Robot Patch and $650 Club (all Scouts) can be ordered through the Trail's End popcorn system.
November 10th  Taker Order distribution - slot reservations open 10/26 
November 21st  Unit payments due to Capitol Area Council - net commission
Online sales commission will be applied to Unit's invoice on 11/15
Print your Unit invoice on 11/16 to submit payment via Unit check
mail to:  Capitol Area Council Popcorn
               12500 N IH 35
               Austin, TX  78753 
November 30th  Last day to submit for Keller or Council prizes. - late entries will not be accepted. 

Need More Information?

Contact your Capitol Area Council Popcorn Specialist
Melanie Crawford
Office:  512-617-8652
Cell:  512-944-7742