2016 Popcorn Kernel Resource Guide
Ideal Year of Scouting Budget Planner (.xls)

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The 2016 Guide is Here!!!

Get full program details and helpful forms, checklists and suggestions from the Popcorn Kernel Resource Guide located on the left side of this page.  Check back regularly for changes, revision date will be at the bottom right of the document.

Planning your 2016-17 program?

Use the Ideal Year of Scouting tool to build a budget to Fund Your Adventure.

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Click the stop sign today to register for the 2016 Popcorn program and earn 50% on all online sales - new flat rate shipping and "3 ships for free" promotion. 

Learn more....

Register for one of the Unit Popcorn Kernel training events to learn more about the program, prizes, goal setting and see a mock Unit Kickoff.  Click one of the dates below to register in DoubleKnot

Hands-On Training....

Register for one of the Hand's On Workshop events to get a live look into the Trail's End system, get assistance in setting up your Unit account and learn how to run reports.  Click one of the dates below to register in DoubleKnot

Date at Hill Country Bible in late July