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Online Sales Challenge

3 Scouts can win each challenge - entry is automatic, no reporting or extra forms

The BB-8 App-Enabled Droid is ready to be found.   Click here to view the video for these amazing Droids. 
To be eligible sell 8 products online between October 1st and October 15thMilitary and Hurricane Florence donations excluded.  Winners will be announced on October 16th.  

Challenge 3 Winners
No qualifiers
Challenge 2 Winners
Aiden R (Pack 1501) - Jeremiah T (Pack 0912) - Greydn C (Pack 0055)
Challenge 1 Winners
Benjamin K (Pack 0159) - Jacob B (Pack 0171) - Gus L (Pack 0055)
Scout parent/guardians will be notified and provided instructions for redemption.

Weekly Drawing Winners

Weekly prize drawings - track Scout progress by end of day each Wednesday for eligibility
Five Scouts will win each week - winners announced here on Fridays
**Please Note - tracking does not work in Internet Explorer or Edge**

Week 1
Pack 0155 Ian H
Pack 0160 Jackson S
Pack 0201 Chase H
Pack 0395 Roman D
Pack 1954 Andrea H
Week 2
Pack 0021 Jordan M
Pack 0204 Corey L
Pack 0405 Ian H
Pack 0653 Colt G
Troop 0405  Ryan O
Week 3
Pack 0174    Kaleb D
Pack 0406    Ethan W
Pack 0653    Winter B
Troop 0109   Lewis R
Troop 8787   Jonathan P

Week 4
Pack 0155       Aidan M
Pack 0160       Preston F
Pack 0165       Max K
Pack 0180       Dakota T
Pack 0685       Kaleb M

Scout parent/guardians will be notified and provided instructions for redemption.

Unit to Unit Transfers

Did a neighboring Unit need a few items you had to spare?   The Unit to Unit Transfer process is quick and easy.  Everything is done in the Trail's End popcorn system, including approval from the receiving Unit.  No waiting for Council approvals, no extra forms.

The Trail's End Unit Reference Guide provides instructions on page 30.  To find the guide, log into the Trail's End Popcorn System > click Help Documents > click the file.

Upcoming 2018 Popcorn Sale Dates


14th Show & Sell last day
21st Take Order and Show & Deliver last day
29th Take Order due in Trail's End popcorn system
Last day to return product Council - no forms will be accepted after 11AM
Last day to to submit Unit to Unit transfers
31st Last day Online Sale will count towards prizes or 2018 Unit Invoice Online Sale Commission Credit


1st Online Sale Commission Credit applied to 2018 Unit Invoice
Last day to track Scout sales for prize eligiblity
Last day to file invoice discrepancies
9th Take Order distribution day - sign up to come
28th Unit payment due
30th Council prizes issued

Thank you Capitol Area Council Families

Over $1.9 Million sold in the 2017 Popcorn Sale
Congratulations on a record-breaking year.

You gave your time, energy, and expertise. Some bought your product, others didn't and you kept going. Boxes, tables and wagons were lifted, pushed, pulled and dragged. All that hard work and just a little more will deliver your Take Order items. All Units will receive and extra 2% commission this year giving back an extra $38,000 to our Units. We want to thank you and hope all our Scouts have the greatest adventures with their well-earned commission. THANK YOU!

Need More Information?

Contact your Capitol Area Council Popcorn Specialist
Melanie Crawford
Office: 512-617-8652
Cell: 512-944-7742