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Make this final week count.  Our Council is right on track to exceed the $1.5 million goal and get each Unit additional commission from their sale.  
  • Have your Scouts double check their list to make sure all neighbors, friends, parent coworkers and family members have been asked.  
  • Don't forget $2,500 in sales this year can start a Trail's End scholarship account for your Scout.    
  • How about adding a Unit challenge to your meeting this week?  
  • Award a $5 gift card, Lego mini-figure or ice cream for each Scout with $200 in sales this week.
Be creative and make this last week record-breaking!!

Take Order Challenge #3

One Scout will win a party for him and nine friends.  Party can be held at choice of an age appropriate location - not to exceed $250.00.  
What do you have to do?   - sell one $50 Military Donation on your Take Order form between 10/17 through 10/23.  Each new sale gets an additional entry into the drawing.  Check back here on October 24th to enter the drawing.

Weekly Drawing Winners

Week 1 Winners

Week 2 Winners

Week 3 Winners

Liam B - Pack 233
Finnegan M - Pack 203
Garrett P - Pack 218
Tobias M - Troop 161
Hayden R - Troop 497
Caleb J - Pack 174
Yannis P - Pack 535
Ryken A - Pack 421
Raghav B - Troop 365
Patrick B - Troop 8787
Wesley J - Pack 1776
Raunel M - Pack 489
Brian S - Pack 202
Kenny G - Troop 1423
Bryan R - Troop 1993

Week 4 Winners

Week 5 Winners

Week 6 Winners

Christopher L - Pack 89
Quinn C - Pack 395
Hunter M - Pack 180
Max A - Troop 565
Mason C - Troop 1409
John F - Pack 172
AJ B - Pack 280
Matthew F - Pack 404
Ethan M - Troop 158
Matthew C - Crew 634
Aden P - Pack 535
Luke R - Pack 174
Hayden D - Pack 489
Christopher R - Troop 1409
Dylan W - Troop 109

TO Challenge #2

Liam F - Troop 1423
Charlie S - Troop 161

Payments & Returns

Keep your remaining Show & Sell product to fulfill your Take Order needs
  • Figuring how much your Unit owes
    • Log into the Trail's End popcorn system
    • Select your Unit Commission - click the Commission tab > select the 2016 Fall Campaign > use drop down to select the prizes or cash option 
    • Click Unit Orders - change campaign to 2016 Fall Sale
    • Click the magnifying glass to the right of your Show & Sell order
    • Click Invoice at the top right and covert to PDF to print from your computer
    • Please note tranfers will not be reflected until both Unit leaders have submitted approval
  • Make the payment - NO CASH, Unit Checks ONLY
    • Bring Unit check to the front reception desk at the Frank Fickett Scout Center (receipt will be provided), Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm
    • Mail a check to: Melanie Crawford - BSACAC Popcorn
          • 12500 N IH 35
          • Austin, TX 78753
  • Show & Sell returns will be accepted starting October 24th through the 28th
    • Use any Show & Sell product to fill Take Order
    • Contact your District Kernel to see if it can be used in your area
    • After you have done to two items above, reamaining items can be returned to the Frank Fickett Scout Center 10/24 to 10/28 with these limitations
      • Cannot exceed 10% of your initial order
      • Full and unopened cases only
      • No returns can be made after 10/28


The Trail Mix is incorrectly priced on the Take Order Form. The national price is $25, however the Capitol Area Council is selling Trail Mix for $20 per bag. Trail Mix $20 per bag

Register & Download the App
Take Orders
Deliver Product

Trail's End App Warning

Scout’s must be registered for the Online Sale to use the App. Same username and password.

Scouts can take credit cards through the App if the Unit has enabled Stripe in the Trail's End Popcorn System. There are no card readers for this system.

The three red sentences when you log into the Take Order app are not error messages. They are notifications. Click Next and you will see the list of products and be able to place an order.

Need more information?

Contact Melanie Crawford at melanie.crawford@scouting.org or 512-944-7742 to:
  • Ask a question about the popcorn sale
  • Get on the popcorn email list