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Show & Sell/Deliver orders due August 8th

The ordering system is open now and Units can place their order for product for in-person sales.  Customized suggested orders were email to registered Units, please contact melanie.crawford@scouting.org if you have any questions about your suggested order.

To place your Show & Sell/ Deliver order:
  • Log into: http://scouting.trails-end.com/
  • Click the "Order Popcorn" button on your dashboard
  • Select August for your Delivery
  • Enter number of cases for each product
  • Click "Submit"
Show & Sell/Deliver Product Line
$25 each - Salted Caramel – 12 bags to a case
$25 each - Microwave Kettle – 6 boxes to a case
$20 each - Microwave Unbelievable Butter – 6 boxes to a case
$20 each - Premium Caramel with Nuts – 12 bags to a case
$15 each - White Cheddar – 12 bags to a case
$15 each - Jalapeno Cheddar – 12 bags to a case
$10 each - Classic Caramel – 12 bags to a case

Refer a Unit Program

Last year was a record breaking year for Capitol Area Council popcorn sales.  Not all Units are taking advantage of everything popcorn has to offer.  If you know a Unit that doesn't sell, tell them about your Unit's success and how Scouts have grown their skills for future Leadership, paid for their own Adventures and don't forget the Prizes.  Click here for details on our new Unit program and how your Unit can receive additional commission for sharing your experience.  

2018 Popcorn Sale Dates


1st Scouts may begin to fill their Take Order forms
8th Order due in Trail's End popcorn system for Show & Sell/Deliver products
24th Popcorn Distribution day for Show & Sell/Deliver products.
Reserve your time slot by clicking your District below
Armadillo            Bee Cave         Blackland Prairie       Chisholm Trail
Colorado River    Hill Country    Live Oak          North Shore
Sacred Springs     San Gabriel     Thunderbird        Waterloo
25th Show & Deliver open - load up the wagons and take a Lap around your local neighborhood
31st Show & Sell open - show our communities the strength of Scouting at local storefronts


Weekly prize drawings - track Scout progress by each Wednesday for eligibility
Five Scouts will win each week - winners announced here on Fridays


14th Show & Sell last day
21st Take Order and Show & Deliver last day
29th Take Order due in Trail's End popcorn system
Last day to return product Council - no forms will be accepted after 11AM
Last day to to submit Unit to Unit transfers
31st Last day Online Sale will count towards prizes or 2018 Unit Invoice Online Sale Commission Credit


1st Online Sale Commission Credit applied to 2018 Unit Invoice
Last day to track Scout sales for prize eligiblity
Last day to file invoice discrepancies
9th Take Order distribution day - sign up to come
28th Unit payment due
30th Council prizes issued

Thank you Capitol Area Council Families

Over $1.9 Million sold in the 2017 Popcorn Sale
Congratulations on a record-breaking year.

You gave your time, energy, and expertise. Some bought your product, others didn't and you kept going. Boxes, tables and wagons were lifted, pushed, pulled and dragged. All that hard work and just a little more will deliver your Take Order items. All Units will receive and extra 2% commission this year giving back an extra $38,000 to our Units. We want to thank you and hope all our Scouts have the greatest adventures with their well-earned commission. THANK YOU!

Need More Information?

Contact your Capitol Area Council Popcorn Specialist
Melanie Crawford
Office: 512-617-8652
Cell: 512-944-7742