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How did we do today?

A Scout is Helpful. We hope our service to you today meets that standard.

We have created a short survey form to collect constructive criticism or praise of our service. Whichever you share, your feedback is important and will help us deliver the quality of service you expect and deserve.


Our customer service policy:

Our aim is to support unit level programming as efficiently as possible:

  • If you leave a message on a council employee’s regular desk phone extension, or send an email, we promise to return your call or email as soon as possible, but before the end of the next business day.
  • If for some reason this does not happen, you can contact our customer service hotline by calling 512-617-8621 and leave a message.

If an employee is going to be away from their phone for more than a 24-hour period, they will change their outgoing message and, if possible, give you another option to receive the service you need within the 24-hour period promised.