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Executive Board

The Boy Scouts of America, whether at the national level or here at the local level in Central Texas, is led by an Executive Board of Directors made up of volunteers. The National Executive Board approves all policies of the Boy Scouts of America nationwide. Here in Central Texas, our Executive Board is charged with approving the budget and programs that result in the delivery of the Scouting program to the tens of thousands of youth members and their families in our council.

Officers of the Board sit on the Executive Committee. Chairs of Council-level Committees are not necessarily members of the Executive Board.


Executive Committee members (as of January 1, 2021)

Steve Allen
Kirby Baird
Mike Birdlebough
Rod Coffin
Dale Cooper
Wade Cooper
Sid Covington
Kim Day
Jenny Deen
John Demmler
John Ellis
Cmdr. Michael Files
Ron Garland
Jack Gindler, Council President
Dirk Heinen
Jack Holford
Winston Krause
Kuruvila Mani, Council Commissioner
Mark Marshall
Steve Matthews
Katherine McLane
Todd Reimers
Dr. Richard Rhodes
Marietta Scott, Immediate Past President
Chris Smith
Gregory Smith
Michael Sullivan
Paul Terrill
Anooj Thakrar
Dwight Thompson
Ben Turner
Tim Urban


Executive Board members (as of January 1, 2021)

Ellen Ault
Joe Beal
Roy Beard
Noel Brinkman
Lynn Brooks
Bill Bryson
Dale Cooper
Daniel Gonzales
Jon Graf
Raymond Gray
Maya Guerra Gamble
Terry Hall
Charlene Heydinger
Tom Horn
Patrick Howard
Craig Hughes
Justin Jacobs
Greg Johnston
Jon Kasling
Dale Laine
Kurt Lemke
Dan Leonard
Brian Manley
Cheryl Mele
Mike Metschan
Bob Miller
Jim Morriss
Mollie O’Hara
Colin Parrish
Eric Pastor
Ted Prill
Greg Rabaey
George Robinson
Peter Sargent
Richard South
Barry Streusand
Rick Swisher
Dr. Larry Wallace
Jayne Walters
Bobby Ray Williams
Ellyn Yacktman
Harry Zimmerman