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Recruiting New Scouts

How many of us think the world would be a better place with more children in Scouting, learning the values of the Scout Oath and Law? The answer, of course, is all of us. But in order for more youth to join, we must make sure every family is invited.

Membership recruiting – when done properly – is not a passive exercise. Handing out flyers and putting up yard signs is important for building awareness of a Sign Up Night or similar event but do they really deliver the message that a family is invited to join? Put another way, are you more likely to attend a party if someone only mails an invitation… or if the same person takes the time to call and personally invite you? This doesn’t mean you literally have to call every parent in your school and invite them (that’s not a bad idea, though) but it does mean your unit should do something above and beyond the minimum.

First – if you don’t do anything else – make sure your unit’s listing (called a “pin”) on the website has the correct leader contact information and meeting information for your unit. is going to be the first search result that shows up when a family looks online for information how to join Scouting, so it’s important that your unit’s information is up to date. Go to this page to find step-by-step instructions on how to update your unit’s “pin.”


Schools are one of your unit’s most important partners. If you can’t recruit youth from a school in your community, your unit will lose membership and may eventually be forced to cease operations. Scouting is too important for boys and girls near you to let that happen. Here is information you should know and share with the principal at the school served by your unit:


FALL 2023 JOIN SCOUTING NIGHT PLAN: click here to read our council membership team’s fall recruitment plan for your unit.


Want a deep dive into tips and strategies to promote your unit’s program? Click here to watch this webinar by the BSA marketing communications team. Click here for the slide deck.

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