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Conservation Awards Weekend

Our Conservation Awards Weekend provide Scouts BSA youth a path toward earning Scouting’s highest conservation award plus other awards:

SPECIAL FOR FALL 2023: Click here to learn about the special eclipse programming available during Conservation Awards weekend!

Our weekend program also offers all qualifying merit badges, Leave No Trace classes, and conservation project opportunities.

The event happens in the April (Spring Event) and October (Fall Event) at our Lost Pines Scout Reservation in Bastrop. These are both terrific times to be at Lost Pines, as you will likely see plant and wildlife activity you normally wouldn’t during summer camp.   Registration includes classes and all supplies, camp fees, meals (Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner and Sunday breakfast) and a logo padfolio.  Please note, lone or provisional Scouts are not allowed to camp at this event.



Fall 2023 dates: October 14-16, 2023


Conservation Awards Weekend Schedule


Friday Evening

  • 06:00pm—Check in opens
  • 06:30pm—Insect Study Evening Class Begins
  • 09:00pm—Check in closes
  • 10:00pm—Insect Study Evening Class Ends
  • 10:30pm—Lights Out

Saturday Morning

  • 06:00am—Check in opens
  • 07:30am—Check in closes
  • 07:00am—Breakfast Serving Begins
  • 07:45am—Breakfast Serving Ends
  • 08:00am—Morning Flags Ceremony and announcements
  • 08:30am—Saturday Morning Classes begin
  • 12:00pm—Saturday Morning Classes end
  • 12:00pm—Lunch begins
  • 01:30pm—Lunch ends
  • 01:30pm—Saturday Afternoon Classes begin
  • 05:00pm—Saturday Afternoon Classes end
  • 05:10pm—Evening Flag Ceremony and Announcements
  • 05:30pm—Dinner Begins
  • 06:30pm—Dinner Ends
  • 06:30pm—Saturday evening Classes begin
  • 08:00pm—Saturday evening check-out begins
  • 10:00pm—Saturday evening Classes end
  • 10:00pm—Saturday evening check-out end
  • 10:30pm—Lights out

Sunday Morning

  • 07:00am—Breakfast begins
  • 07:30am—Breakfast ends
  • 07:50am—Scouts Own Service
  • 08:00am—Breakfast ends
  • 08:00am—Morning Flags Ceremony and announcements
  • 08:30am—Sunday Morning Classes begin
  • 11:00pm—Check out begins
  • 12:00pm—Sunday Morning Classes end
  • 12:00pm—Closing flag ceremony
  • 01:30pm—Check out ends and all souls should be off camp property

Conservation Awards Weekend Spring 2023 Merit Badges - registration


Conservation Awards Weekend Schedule Rules and Regulations


We want to make sure that everyone coming to our event stays safe and has fun.   Please help us make this happen by following the rules and regulations below:

  1. Come prepared to camp at the event. Each Scout and Scouter need to camp in their own tent.  Only spouses or siblings of the same sex whom are two years or less apart in age can share tents.
  2. Come prepared to transport your gear to your campsite. LPSR is a walk-in camp and no vehicles are allowed in campsites. If you must bring a troop trailer, please contact [email protected] before the event.
  3. Units need to have two deep leadership in the campsite. If the unit has female Scouts, female leader must also be present. Individual Scouts attending with a parent do not have two deep leadership.
  4. No lone Scouts (Scouts without an accompanying adult leaders or parent/guardian at the event overnight) are allowed.
  5. All adults on camp must be YPT trained and be able to show current certification upon request during the weekend.
  6. All participants (Scouts and Scouters) must bring a Part A and B Medical Form. This will be reviewed at camp check-in. Please do not email your medical form.
  7. Scouts should come to the weekend prepared to learn have fun while learning about Natural Science and Conservation. Scouts, please arrive to classes on time, be prepared (with pen and paper) and be respective to your instructor and fellow classmate by participating, listening and helping those around you during the class.
  8. Items Scouts need to bring:
    1. Pens and Pencils (due to COVID, borrowing another participants pen/pencil will not be allowed. We will have some to give away and after they are gone, they are gone.
    2. A camping chair – due to social distancing, not all youth in the class can sit at the tables.  Some will need to sit in chairs around the learning area.
    3. Water bottle or cup
    4. Hand sanitizer or disinfectant spray – we will have stations of both available throughout the event, but it never hurts to also have your own.
  9. Each scout will receive an electronic completion report via our online event management system. It is the responsibility of the Scout to have the instructor sign the blue card roster. The blue card roster is the only record of what the scout has done.

Event Locations

Conservation Awards Weekend is located at the beautiful Lost Pines Scout Reservation.


Conservation Awards Weekend archive

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