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Young men and women ages 14 to 20

Venturing gives young men and women access to a range of programs and empowers them to create their own experiences with both youth – called Venturers – and adults serving in crew leadership roles. It brings Scouting values to life through both high adventure outdoor activities and challenging real-world projects. The program helps young people mature, build leadership skills, grow by teaching others, and pursue their own unique interests.

Each Venturing Crew has its own special interest, often including (but not limited to) outdoors activities, sports, arts and hobbies, religious life, or aquatics.  These activities, plus service projects, ceremonies, and friendly competition help youth to learn core values and give them a sense of personal achievement. Through positive peer group interaction and adult mentoring, Venturers also learn honesty, responsibility, and respect – and are encouraged to reflect on the Scout Oath and Law and how those values can help them make moral and ethical choices throughout the rest of their lives.

To join now, click the button below (you may need to change the zip code to find a Venturing Crew closer to you):