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Flag Retirement

Did you know the Boy Scouts of America is one of the very few organizations that have an official code for flag retirement? Respect for our nation’s symbols are an integral part of being a reverent, responsible Scout; thus we have specific rules for the appropriate retirement of the United States flag. In fact, conducting a flag retirement ceremony is a very meaningful opportunity for Scouts and Scouters to reflect on the meaning of the flag as a great symbol of freedom. Read more here from ScoutingWire, BSA’s official news site.

Are you a member of the public with a flag that needs to be retired?

Members of the public who have worn American flags in need of retirement may bring them to the Frank Fickett Scout Training and Service Center (12500 North IH 35, Austin, 78753) during normal business hours. We cannot pick up flags from your home or business.

Are you a Scout unit looking for worn flags for a flag retirement ceremony?

Retiring a United States flag is one of the most sacred duties entrusted to our organization. If your Scout unit is interested in conducting a flag retirement ceremony, please contact us using the form below.

Flag Retirement Request Form

NOTE: This form is only for Scout units asking for flags to retire. If you are donating worn flags, you must bring them to our office (see information above on this page).

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