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Donate Your Boat

Donate Your Boat

If you have a usable boat which you’d like to donate to Scouting, chances are good that one of our Sea Scout ships can use it!

We’re interested any kind of boats: power boats, sail boats, canoes, whatever. Even if we cannot use it in our programs, we might be able to sell it to help fund the program.

If you’d like to discuss the possibility of donating a boat, please contact Commodore Jim Graves at It will be very helpful if you can email photos of your boat along with a description – that will allow us to make a much more rapid assessment of which Sea Scout group might be able to use your boat.

Important: we are in Central Texas; if you are outside Texas but interested in donating a boat to Sea Scouts please use this contact form and under Select a Contact choose Donate a Boat – using that form is the most efficient way to get your request routed to Sea Scouts in your local area.

Boat donations to the Capitol Area Council or our Sea Scout Ships may be tax deductible.