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Submit a service opportunity

Do you want Scouts to help you?

We’re honored you thought of us, and if there is a way our Scouts can help they’ll be happy to do so. Here are a few notes on what we do with all service requests:

  • Each individual Scout unit in each neighborhood or community works independently; we don’t just call or email them and say, “here’s a project you need to do.” They all have their own calendars and may already have service projects they support where they live.
  • We do have an email list to promote service opportunities to our Scout units. Fill out the form below and we’ll share the information you provide to our units. If one or more is interested/available in your service project, they will contact you directly. Please do not contact our office asking for the status of any volunteers for your project.

Scout Service Request

    Note: our council serves Austin and Central Texas. If you live outside the area, please contact the local council serving your area. If you are trying to reach the national Boy Scouts of America, visit
  • Describe in detail the service you're requesting. Include contact information (if different from above), date, time, location, and anything else a Scout unit would need to know. We will use this information in the email we send to our members.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.