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Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile

Here’s a quick and easy way to support Scouting in Central Texas: use AmazonSmile when you do your online shopping! Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase price to our council.

Sure, half a percent isn’t much and won’t replace your Friends of Scouting contributions that help Scouting function in your community. But it adds up, costs you nothing and is a great additional way to support Scouting.

The one-time setup takes just a couple of seconds (instructions below), and you get the same prices, products and service you’re used to when shopping at Amazon. It doesn’t cost you any extra; the only difference is now you’re helping Scouting every time you buy.

How do I set up AmazonSmile?

Step 1: Go to

You’ll use this link to register and for all your future Amazon shopping.

Even after you’ve signed up for AmazonSmile and selected a charity, shopping through the regular won’t benefit that charity. You need to use the link from now on. You can also use a browser extension (on example is Smile Always on Chrome) that will redirect you automatically.

Step 2: Sign in using your normal Amazon login

Step 3: Search for “Capitol Area Council Boy Scouts of America” and click the yellow “Select” button to the right of our council name

Step 4: Check the top-left corner and start shopping

If you see AmazonSmile in the top left corner and “Supporting: Capitol Area Council Boy Scouts of America” in the charity line, you’ve done it right.

Step 5: Double-check that the product you’re buying is eligible

Most items sold by Amazon qualify, but confirm that on the product page. It’ll say “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation.” And this is a good time to triple-check that you see AmazonSmile and “Supporting: Capitol Area Council Boy Scouts of America” at the top-left corner.

Step 6: Check out!

Purchase the item(s), and smile. You’ve just done a Good Turn for our council!