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What is the Campmaster Corps?

The Campmaster Corps is a group of trained and registered Scouters who serve at council weekend camps whenever packs, troops, crews, or posts are using any part of the camp property. Campmasters select their own time and frequency of service, but they usually serve two to four times a year. The corps generally meets twice a year to evaluate its program, schedule ahead, and arrange for the training of any new members.

What does it take to be a Campmaster?

All it takes is a little of your time! Most Campmaster crews volunteer four (4) weekends a year but you can do more or less if needed. Someone in your crew needs to be at camp by Friday 5:00pm to greet arriving units. Most of your work will be checking in Friday and most units will check out on Sunday. Saturday is mostly for walking around camp and checking on the units.

Campmaster camp duties

The main job of Campmasters is to help visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience. Campmasters stay in the Campmaster cabin and provide their own food and bedding. Campmasters will:

  • Arrive Friday evening by 6:00pm
  • Provide a camp orientation for each unit as they arrive and tell them how to check out
  • Sign out any tools and equipment that the unit needs from the Ranger Visit units to see that units are having a positive experience
  • Volunteer to teach Scouting skills to units as desired
  • Participate in camp improvements projects, as able/desired
  • Complete an incident report if there is an accident in camp
  • Stay until Noon on Sunday or until the last unit checks out
  • Inspect unit campsites, report any damage to Ranger

What do I get out of being a Campmaster?

Being a Campmaster is very rewarding. You get to meet Scouts from all over, spend time at Lost Pines without worrying about a tent (Campmaster cabin has AC, wood heater, TV, microwave, full bathroom, two bedrooms, and refrigerator), expand your Scouting experience, see parts of camp you may have never seen, and hopefully make some lifelong friends.

How do I sign up?

Click the button below to download the application. Fill the application, save the file, and then email it to