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Additional recognition for Eagle Scouts

Adams Award

Apply for the NESA Adams Award for most outstanding Eagle Scout service project! Learn More!


Local press opportunities

Most newspapers will run a short story and photo, recognizing Scouts who attain the rank of Eagle Scout. Many prefer that you send this information in an email.

However, if you prefer to send this information by standard mail, see the forms below for the Austin American-Statesman, Austin Family Magazine, West Austin News and Westlake Picayune. (You may also use these as guidelines for submitting Eagle Scout information to any other paper).

Eagle Scout Recognition General Information
Good Citizenship Award Certificate
Austin American-Statesman’s news submission form
West Austin News’ Eagle Scout Form
Westlake Picayune’s Eagle Scout Form


U.S. Navy certificate

The U.S. Navy Talent Acquisition Group San Antonio will also send congratulatory certificates to new Eagle Scouts. If interested, send an email to Mr. Jim Bickford at with the following information:

Subject line: Eagle Scout Certificate Request

Scouts’s full name
Unit type and number (ex. Troop 3)
Capitol Area Council
Short description of their Eagle project
Legal guardian’s mailing and email address


Vietnam Veterans of America medal

The Vietnam Veterans of America offers a commemorative Eagle Scout medal and recognition packet for all Eagle Scouts, no matter when you earned Eagle (there is a nominal fee for the medal). The packet includes the commemorative medal, a congratulatory letter signed by the national president, and a blank certificate to be signed by designated persons in the Scouts BSA Troop. For more information, including how to purchase the medal, please see these instructions.


Scholarships for Eagle Scouts

Being an Eagle Scout can carry some weight on college admission forms and scholarship applications. In addition, some scholarships exist for the sole purpose of helping an Eagle Scout further his education.

Byron Lockhart Capitol Area Council Eagle Scout scholarships
Scholarships for Eagle Scouts awarded by the National Eagle Scout Association