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Chaplain Training

Our three-part Chaplain training program is focused on providing the best trained and motivated adult leaders, volunteers and youth members to help Scouts uphold their Duty to God from the Scout Oath, and the 12th point of the Scout Law: A Scout is Reverent. This is not an “official” Boy Scouts of America training program, but rather one that our Chaplain Committee has developed to best serve our volunteers who are interested in this area of study.


1. Chaplain Training
The first part of the program is offered online, for free, at the Boy Scouts of America’s online training portal, This first training is a prerequisite for the subsequent Chaplain Classroom Training and Chaplain Outdoor Training courses.

The course will cover a Chaplain’s roles and responsibilities, including your duties during various unit worship opportunities with a focus on interfaith considerations. Plus, you’ll learn about the religious emblems and awards program available in Scouting.

You may take the course anytime. Simply:

  • Visit
  • Click the “BSA Learn Center” button
  • Click the “Position Specific Training” icon
  • Click “Chaplain”

Since the course is offered through, your training record will be updated once you finish the course.


2. Chaplain Classroom Training
The second part of the program is called Chaplain Classroom Training. The two-hour classroom session will cover practical guidelines for unit religious services, training in crisis intervention techniques general references for common conditions like ADD/ADHD, homesickness, etc. Participants must have completed the online Chaplain Training through before taking this course. There is usually a small fee to cover classroom handouts and other teaching materials.

Dates for the next available course have not yet been announced.


3. Chaplain Outdoor Training
The third and last part of the Chaplain training is the Outdoor training. This involves an overnight camp, elements of the C.O.P.E. program, the adult Chaplain’s working relationship with the Scout Chaplain Aide, a service project, and promotion of Scouting’s religious awards program. Participants must have completed Chaplain Fast Start and Chaplain Classroom training before taking this course. There is a fee to cover food and program materials.

Dates for the next available course have not yet been announced.


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