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Safe Swim Defense

Why should I take this training?

It’s required if your Scouting group is going to take part in any kind of swimming event or activity. The training is good for two years.

This training will cover the plan’s eight points:

  1. Qualified supervision – all swimming must be supervised by an adult 21 years of age or older.
  2. Physical fitness – have a complete health history from a physician, parent, or legal guardian.
  3. Safe swim area – check waterfront areas for rocks, stumps, deep holes, and currents. Mark the area into three swimming groups.
  4. Lifeguards on duty – have one lifeguard for every 10 swimmers.
  5. Lookout – station a lookout where he/she can see and hear everything in all areas.
  6. Ability groups – divide Scouts into the following: nonswimmers, beginners, swimmers.
  7. Buddy system – pair every Scout with another in the same ability group.
  8. Discipline – follow all directions and rules of the adult supervisor to ensure a safe swim.

When and where can I take the training?

Training is offered anytime online through, the Boy Scouts of America’s online training portal. You can learn more about by visiting this page.


There is no cost to take the online training through


No registration is required; simply log in to and find the course in the Training section. If you’ve never visited this site before, you’ll need to click the “create account” button and then follow the instructions; have your BSA membership ID number handy.


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