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Safety Afloat

Before a BSA group may engage in any watercraft activity, adult leaders for such activity must complete Safety Afloat training , have a Safety Afloat commitment card, and be dedicated to full compliance with all nine points of Safety Afloat. Through enforcement of these nine measures, most watercraft accidents can be prevented:

  1. Qualified Supervision
  2. Physical Fitness
  3. Swimming Ability
  4. Personal Flotation Equipment
  5. Buddy System
  6. Skill Proficiency
  7. Planning
  8. Equipment
  9. Discipline

When and where can I take the training?

Training is offered anytime online through, the Boy Scouts of America’s online training portal. You can learn more about by visiting this page.


There is no cost to take the online training through


No registration is required; simply log in to and find the course in the Training section. If you’ve never visited this site before, you’ll need to click the “create account” button and then follow the instructions; have your BSA membership ID number handy.


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