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Thank you for being a Superhero!

Scouting Superheroes!

Thank you so much for your willingness to support Scouting by helping with our 1000 for $300 Campaign! We are excited to kick this campaign off and have already received commitments from more than 250 individuals like yourself  to help (and the list is definitely shaping up to be an All Star Scouting Hall of Fame list)!

Here are your next steps in the process:

Step 1:  Create a list of 5 or more individuals you plan to ask to commit to the 1000 for $300 campaign

Step 2:  Send your list of names to Leigh Wyatt at After names are reviewed, you will receive confirmation that no other Superhero is already calling your connections.

Step 3:  Review the “1000 x 300” Tracker we send you via email. We will regularly share this with you so you can see an up to date list of donors confirmed and each Superhero’s progress.

Step 4:  Begin your calls! We will send you a sample script you can use when contacting your prospects.

Step 5:  Update Leigh Wyatt with the results of your call. Please let her know when you receive EITHER a confirmed $300 pledge OR a “no.” Our team wants to make sure we do not ask those who decline to give again.

If you or someone you have already visited with already want to contribute online, one can go to and give directly via credit card.

Our commitment to you:

In the next few days you will receive the following: a promotional piece outlining Scouting success stories you can share with your prospects and an update on campaign progress.

We are so thankful for each of you and all the time you dedicate to Scouting. With “many hands” we are confident that we can make “light work” of this campaign and fulfill the promise of Scouting to thousands of youth this fall! Take a look at our innovative approach to supporting our Den Leaders this fall on our Cub Adventure Boxes page.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Agee at